Maria - Maria

Even though Maria is out, I wont forget her tux outfit, it surely gave Wimbeldon a style injection...and she always wears cutest earings, I heard she's got a deal with Tiffany's, lucky girl.


Tie me UP

I was watching FTV and I saw a Fendi special. What I noticed alot more than the rest were the BELTS. Every outfit they sent down the ramp had a belt cinched around the waist, you know to keep it all together. They had the most amazing belts, it seems for them the belt makes the outfit. That inspired me to go out and find myself one. I found a good black leather belt from FOSSIL at 50% off (I still love a good bargain).
The belt makes the outfit, so go on - cinch yourself.


Bargain Hunter

I love it when I get a good deal, over the weekend. I got myself Diesel pants and Diesel Jeans at 82% and 53% off respectively at the Diesel shop in Menlyn. Gosh, I love a good bargain.


I got Carried away

On Friday me and my girls were all dressed up to get Carried away. The movie was great, insanely funny, I really enjoyed it. I'll admit, for me, it was more about the clothes than anything else. I must say Miranda's clothes did it for me this time, as in, its stuff I could wear everyday. Of course Carrie's fashion was to die for, its edgy and creative and so now. Overall it was a success.


The Wisdom of Letting Go

I was at a market in Marabastad, sometime during the day. I saw a second hand Burberry Coat. I was a genuine Burberry; it was hard for me to believe it. Unfortunately it was about 4 sizes bigger than I am; I had to let it go. I have learned the wisdom to let go...Hhmm, did I make the right choice? I'm not so sure anymore...


Stylish Tribes of the World UNITE

We are currently having a xenophobia crisis in my country. As angry as this makes me, I get dumb struck every time I try to talk about it. Maybe we having a look at these photos will show us how Africa and its different tribes have influenced style and maybe we can all learn to appreciate what the different nations contribute to our lives and the world. There are lot of facets in which Africa has contributed to the world, style is just one of them.