In the Navy

I bought this dress for my niece to wear at my wedding. I instantly fell in love with it as it reminded me of all the nautical inspired clothes (and socks) my mom used to dress us up in while my sister and I were young. I threw in the red ribbon just to break the stripes up, I think the outfit worked out pretty well, she looked adorable. Now, I wonder if this dress comes in big girl (my) sizes.


Forever Bridesmaids

I got married on the 20th of November 2010... It was best and happiest day of my life. It was worth all the joys and stresses of organizing, the sleepless nights... lol. I can’t wait to share all the details of but I'll have to wait for the photographs. For now though I will share what inspired my wedding, since I couldn't do it during the 2 months I took to plan my wedding... I know.. I've always have been brave...

I'll start with bridesmaids... these are dresses that they wore, they were bought off the rack from Forever New. I was first introduced and accustomed to this awesome shop by Palesa (thanks alot girl for the intro), I'm glad to say that they didn't disappoint. I instantly fell in love with these dresses and so did my bridesmaids. The style, the color and fabric were just perfect... there was no need to think twice. I was praying though that no one would arrive wearing the same dresses... no one did ;-)

They were the most beautiful ladies there.



Since I got engaged all that seems to be the center of my life is my wedding planning. I admit posting dilo
has taken a back seat, I will be back, I promise. My wedding is in less than a months' time. I'm anxious and excited about it, I'm really looking forward to it...

Photo by JAK&JIL for Dolce & Gabbana SS2011


Marike LeRoux

She is home-grown and u-fresh-e... just noticed that she walked on a few NYFW shows last week... hoping to see more her... for the rest of the season and the coming ones... Always rooting for a fellow South African.

Photo : Style.com


Did she perhaps just find out that her son shares a name with a certain African president... mmhhh...I wonder, which came first? The naming of child or her knowledge of the president... not that its important... but her latest SS2011 collection is. It will give African fabrics an exposure that will reach probably millions that it have not otherwise reached... it'll give it some rock-star credibility... which I hope will translate into exposure for all the African Mamas and designers, who have been for years, making traditional attire from the back rooms of their houses.


Flower Power

The wedding preparations - particularly, the search for inspiration for my wedding bouquet, has re-introduced me to the power of flowers. There is so much beauty and variety to these living creatures - they have an ability to transform any space to paradise... well, even though it is only for a moment.
I came across these flowers on my way to lunch-date with a friend... I could'nt help but buy them on the spot, it was R10 well spent. I got back home and putting them into a small ceramic milk jug (the last piece of a tea set) that I inherited from mommy dearest, seemed like it was the best thing to do.
I must say - I'm proud of my 1st "flower arrangement"... do we have an ward winning florist in the making?... mmhm... maybe ...lol

Photo by Thando


The 3rd installment - P-P-P-Pulchritude

She is doing it again, do check it out... I wont be there, I'll be at the Wedding Expo, the wedding preparations seem to have taken over... I admit dilo is a lil neglected...but I'll be back.


Report Back - DOPE Clearance Sale

I missed the sale but I received these photos from King, it seems there was alot of cool stuff... I'll definitely attend the next one...
Someone was having fun at the Clearance Sale... doing the 1 Dress - 2 Looks exercise... they did a job at it :-)

Photos by Urban Mosadi via King



Kgosi, an old buddy from varsity is having a clearance sale for his DOPE fashion label at a tattoo studio... you can shop and get inked at the same place...It promises to be alot of fun, check it out, he carries good stuff.

For more info. visit www.rage.co.za


Report Back - Pulchritude

I checked out Pulchritude II last Saturday... is really worth a visit.
I picked up two Hello Fox brooches. I love them, can't wait to wear them.
I saw a cool SODA dress with the coolest ribbons as belts. I think it would make the chic-est maternity dress... I know that sounds weird... but I will be a mom sooner-or-later...
I'm getting married and I want a family of my own... besides the biological clock is not necessarily on my side... lol... I also think that buying the dress might be a bit forward... I don't know - I'm thinking about it ;-)

Photo by Thando for dilo


Plastic in Wood

Speaking of chairs... I'd love to eventually own this 2008 Maarten Baas re-interpretation of the common plastic "monobloc" chair in my favourite material, wood.
Growing up, my mother owned a set in white plastic, complete with the table and the big umbrella, tacky I know ...lol... but those summer memories, spent sitting on them, chatting away with her... are the sweetest :-)

Photo from Chair Blog


Sitting on Vinyl

I bought this chair at the now defunct Timeless Junxion (miss them) for R100 in 2007.
I have been meaning to RE - Vamp it for sometime time now.
It's been 3 years...procrastination! I'm not even sure if I want still want it in a "hot pink" damask :-)
Skinny la Minx's Orla collabo with Saks Corner has brought my attention back to my treasured retro vinyl chair.
I'm excited about it, all over again... all I need now is the perfect fabric and skilled craftsmanship.

Photo by Thando



I missed Mili's 1st Pulchritude instalment due to a surprise trip home to KZN. I will surely check this one out.

Image from Miss Milli World


Summoning Summer!

The winter isn't officially over but that sharp chill that comes with it, is slowly disappearing and summer is slowly trickling back in, I feel it in the air.
I enjoyed winter, loved the layers of clothing, even though alot of them don't fit me anymore because of the heart warming food :-) the daily dose of french toast and golden syrup was/is the best, addictive ...I've got no regrets, it was good.
But ya, gym begins today, I need to get back into that bikini.

Photos by Lwando for Dilo


Brandy Alexander is great company.

He and Fiest kept me company tonight, while I was hard at work, honestly earning my salary.


L&L : Love and Lwando

When I said "YES" and decided to tell the world how happy I was... I searched relentlessly for a pic that would express how much love I felt inside and when I couldn't find one, I settled for just words.
This morning, as I was looking through old pics, I found this one... it's PERFECT :-)

Photo by Thando


Hannah Montana has Street Cred

I caught Lwando dancing and singing Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA song …and he would sing louder on the "and the Jay-Z song was on" part... lol
We couldn't help but laugh out loud when we both realised that he was basically dancing and singing along to Hannah Montana...
It was too funny to see a grown-a$$ man singing along to the cutesy song...
He would loose alot of street cred, if he sang this one in front of "ama-Gents" aka "the Lads"...
But hopefully, like me - well... after laughing at him - they will understand that it is, after all, a catchy melody, it has Jay-Z's name in it and I guess that gives the song a little street cred ...NOT! ...lol


My heart's desire : NIKON D3000

This is the cure to my blogger's block... somebody PLEASE! Save me... the Lomo family needs me...

Photos by Nikon SA


on HEAVY rotation : Drake - Thank me Later

...it moves from the house radio to the car stereo and back to the house again ...good music!


Dee's Boots from the Noord

Dee is the latest lady-friend to get her Boots from the Noord... I swear these boots are addictive, she's been wearing them daily since she got them and I have been literally living in mine :-)

Photo by dilo


Yes - 7/7/2010

YES! was the magic word this morning when Lwando proposed... I'm the happy-iest lady alive right now... I love him and he loves me...



Super-sized clutches... Its' 2010 and I'm still into them...

Courtesy of Tommy Ton


Still Feeling It

Losing sucks!!! Whether its a loved one or a soccer match but I'm still feeling it, the feeling most definitely has'nt left me yet. Mzansi hosting the FIFA 2010 World Cup is bigger than Bafana-Bafana or the African teams losing (though I'd love it of we won).
Seeing all those international fans still makes my heart tick, and reminds me that those LOC guys, did a great job at organising everything and it also makes feel better about all the taxes I pay... lol
I'm a soccer fan and having a daily dose of the best live soccer is just a dream.
Our team takes the field today, let's give them all the support we have...and pray they make to the next stage.


Young and Free

I saw this bag on Jak&Jil and remembered how it looks like the school bags (obhakha) my uncles carried in high school. Probably the kids in 1976 were carrying them too, when they took to the streets... fighting for their right to a good education. What they started benefited me too - personally, if it wasn't for education, I'd probably be - mmmhhhk! - don't even wanna think about it, I'm just grateful for their contribution.
The 2010 World Cup project 1GOAL, works to provide quality education for all ...lets support them.


We are the Rainbow Nation

I've always loved the colourful Ndebele blanket... but seeing the African mamas dancing in them, doing their twirls at FIFA 2010 World Cup Opening Ceremony escalated my love for the blanket to a higher level. It was such a beautiful sight... one that will probably last a lifetime in my memory. I think that's what I will get myself as a FIFA 2010 souvenir.

Photo from Global Times


Palazzo, Palais, Palace

Could palazzo pants or uphalaza, as we used to call way back in the township, be making a come-back... I remember having a black and white striped pair... they would now probably fit me like boot-cut pants... lol
I noticed that a number of Resort 2011 collections feature a pair or 3... and it also seems they have also reached the high-street shops like Topshop...
If they were to catch-on, with the ripple effect of fashion, they would eventually reach our streets.

Photos by Rachel Roy and Thakoon @ style.com


In between soccer games...

Take a lil' break from the vuvuzelas and visit Angie, Milli and Amy at Wolves for some tea, cupcakes and Mzansi fashion...


Happy World Cup Everybody!!!

I've been waiting for this day since for ever ...I used the World Cup as an excuse to all my friends when I left Malaysia ...I'd say "See you again in South Africa at the World Cup", well the day has finally arrived. I wont be seeing my friends but I'm happy that the day is here.
I enjoyed watching the FIFA Kick-off Celebrations, the music and atmosphere was just off the hook ...Tutu's speech was gave me the goose bumps, to see such an old man - becoming child-like, intoxicated by happy-ness ...I've never been so proud of my country. Can't wait for the opening ceremony and the rest of the month.

Photo by Siya a friend of dilo


Blow your VUVUZELA

I had so much fun yesterday at noon. It was just a sign of the fun that's gonna come for the rest of the month...I've been waiting for this moment for sometime...


She loves Me...

This is my younger sister Nkosi, this weekend she showed me - once again - how much she loves me. I love her dearly. I took this photo as she left to write an exam, looking like that - she probably aced it :-)


Feel it, It is here.

I saw this very patriotic house yesterday, while I was on my way to KZN. It was soccer fever at its best. I also loved the creative and colourful designs which were painted on the other houses of this humble homestead. The scenery evoked emotions in me...

Photo by dilo


Jumping for Joy

I couldn't help but jump for joy when Aradhna snapped what was supposed a simple photo to be entered for this competition... (I must win that camera) Maybe I was inspired to give jumping a try by this article or perhaps it was the lame Mama joke that Aradhna told yesterday... it went like this : "your MAMA so fat, that when she jumped for joy...she got stuck!" ...lol ...so lame!
Maybe I just have alot to be happy about :-)

Photo by Aradhna Krishna for dilo


Style Crush : Pholoso Selebogo

I have a huge style crush on Pholoso Selebogo, met her at Joburg Fashion Week earlier this year, after seeing her last year on Style Clicker and numerous style blogs... she has an edgy-eclectic sense of style and a great personality. She was also kind enough to give me a tip on how she achieves her perfect red lip ;-)
She is a South African stylist based Antwerp, Belgium. I noticed that whenever I googled her, Antwerp Academy trained designer Bruno Pieters' name comes up. It turns out that she styled his Spring-Summer 2010 campaign, using top Dutch model Iekeliene Stange as a canvas.
She told me that she was in town scouting for designers for Not Just a Label, which showcases avant-garde fashion designers. I read that some of their designers have dressed the ultra avant-garde Lady Gaga on numerous occasions. Pholoso is just one of those people I find inspiring.

Photo by Pholoso the stylist


Blk Jks pronounced Black Jacks

Blk Jks is on tonight, 27-05-2010 at Tings'nTimes, Pretoria. I love the band, the music is transcending, the spot is perfect... what more can I ask for?

Photo from CCA


FFF - Friday Football Fever

I took this photo at the opening match of the Confed Cup last year... it was one of my most proudest moments ever. It'll stay in my memory for a very long time.
If you didn't manage to get tickets for the World Cup, you can enjoy the spirit that will come with the beautiful game... by going to any of the Official FIFA Fan Parks around the country. Go on show your support.

Photo by Thando


Back to the Red-Stone Age

My love took me on a relaxing, semi-romantic walk at lunch time :-) Armed with a camera, desperate for some beauty, I noticed this beautiful building - which I have passed on numerous occasions but just never took note off. It's the Tshwane Tourist Information Center, every one who will be in Pretoria, especially for the 2010 FIFA World Cup should take a mental photo of this building, they might find themselves making a trip there for one thing or another. A lot of the buildings around it are magnificently made of beautiful stone but its red-stone really stood out to me.

Photo by Thando


Pulchritude is Milisuthando latest project, a sale where South African designers can show case their clothes for us to indulge on... this is gonna be the first of many.
Unfortunately, I wont make it due to a family commitment which I wouldn't miss for the world... a designer sale is not considered an excuse in this case ...lol ...but maybe in the future it will have to be ;-)
Have fun everybody...Good luck Milli.

Photo by missmilliworld



Kene's Boots from the Noord

Kgomotso aka Kene, didn't waste time after reading the Noord post. Over the weekend, she went to the Noord and came back with this stylish pair of leather boots... they were only 50 bucks.
After seeing similar boots on this Mr Price Blog post, I just had to share this photo of her newly acquired boots, which she MMS'd in excitement :-)

Photo by Kgomotso

Jazzy Li-bel

A friend from out of town was in Pretoria for some personal business, presenting us an opportunity for a way long overdue catch-up session. The warm winter sun was up and Li-bel in Sunnyside was the perfect spot to absorb it all... before it sets off again :-)
It's one of the best eateries in Pta, the menu is lovely and changes constantly - I find it new every time I'm over there. The live jazz show was oh so beautiful.
Head over there, the friendly owners are always welcoming.

Photos by Thando


Still in Love...

I saw one in the streets yesterday at lunch time, woke up this morning still thinking about it. I think I fell in love, all over again ...sigh ...I'd bundu-bash the whole of Africa in this.

Photo by Land Rover

Tartan Grey

It's winter time and layering is essential. I love how Kgomotso is pulling her outfit off. Every layer has style, function and is on trend. Love it.

Photo by Thando


Sorbet Heaven

I was having hard time choosing my favourite look from the Chanel Spring-2011 Resort Show. I eventually chose this one, especially the top. I would wear it all summer long.

Photo by style.com


Web of Lights

Saw this at Tribeca Coffee Co. in Brooklyn, Pretoria...very chic yet looks easy to install. It would be a cool DIY project.

Photo by Thando


to Have and to Hold

Thulie also introduced me to the Hospice Charity Shop in Pretoria. The ancestors must be with me... this grey, genuine leather clutch bag was only R15. It reminds me of a grey clutch I saw at Country Road, just as beautiful but with a 99% discount on the price and a bit of a distressed look... I ain't complaining :-) At this rate, I think I'm gonna be a regular - besides, all proceeds go towards charity.

Photo by Thando


Boots from the Noord

This past weekend, my good friend Thulie introduced me to a vintage/2nd hand clothes and accessories market in Noord Taxi Rank, Joburg. It was a mine of bargains, you can basically find everything there, from dresses to coats to bags and shoes. I bought myself this edgy pair of genuine leather boots for a mere R150. One would probably pay ALOT for these at the mall... I enjoyed the vibe. The energy was just out of this world, overwhelming. If you get a chance, check it out, carry some cash - you wont regret it.

Photos by Aradhna for dilo