Former Glory

There is something about old and abandoned buildings that always makes me stop and admire. It's as if they are trying to tell me a story, about how good things used to be...I usually and almost always find myself wondering how they ended up being deserted...and why would anyone leave them?

Photo by Thando


Free in Parys

I was just trying to think back about how I celebrated Freedom Day previously. One way that comes to mind is a memorable trip I made to Parys. It was such and relaxing
escape...lotsa of antique shopping, lotsa good food at lovely restaurants...had a romantic day outing to the Vaal Riverside...it was awesome. The best thing is, I didn't even need to drive much to get there...it doesn't take more than to 3 hours to get to this little heaven from Pretoria.

Photo by Thando


Celebrate your Freedom

I could say that Mzansi hip-hop is more a part of democratic South Africa more than it is of the old. Well...I kinda don't remember it existing then...so what better way to celebrate Freedom than going Back 2 the City to indulge on the best of home grown and still growing, hip-hop talent.
This is just one way I might be celebrating mine.

Back to the City Freedom Day Festival
When: 27 April 2010
Where: Ritual Stores, Corner Bree and Henry Nxumalo streets, Newtown, Johannesburg
Time: 10h00 – 23h00
Tickets: R50 available on the day at the festival box office

poster from 10and5


All things Antique & Collectable

The Melrose House Antiques and Collectibles Fair which is annually held in Pretoria on Workers' day, is around the corner...I haven't attended this particular fair, so I'm really hoping to get a few cool items. My last antique buy was from the fair which was held at the Monument, it's the brown suitcase, the red one was bought by a dear friend…the bag isn't vintage, we just threw in there for a little colour...lol...we took this photo just before loading them in the car...excitement was all around.
So ya, I'm looking forward to finding a little treasures, which have been battered with love :-)

Photo by Thando


Leather Stands the Test Of Time

Every time I travel or at any opportunity I get, I buy a vintage bag...or dive into mommy's collection :-) "i-Pointer le" she would often say - as I admired them, refering to the then prestigoius leather goods brand...God rest her sweet soul.
Got this particular one in Livingstone-Zambia, for an equivalent of R50, which was a bargain for a genuine leather bag...we all know how expensive new leather bags can get, you can expect to pay a minimum of R1000. The belt was a steal from those magnificent Woolies seasonal sales...I love leather and other natural materials, its hard to settle for less...they just get better with time.

Photo by Thando's friend ;-)


Let's NAIL it

Is there any nail bar out there (Pretoria) that uses MINX range of nails? I'd love to adorn one of these, they are the best I've seen so far and have a wide range of designs...the old French manicure is'nt fun anymore.

I noticed how big it was when I was in the U.S. last year. I remember it was quite huge with the Chinese girls at varsity.
It seems like it'll be taking over the UK too, Topshop's Inside-Out
had a post on it.

ELLE also had the Finger Print article, I hope this gets us excited over nail art...I'm not sure about the designer logo nails though...lol

Photo by Inside-Out


Magazine Love

Now, one of the things, I really love and find inspiring are magazines...I have an addiction for these. I subscribe to some, buy others and appreciate the rest over a cup of coffee at Exclusive Books - international magazine prices leave me Dazed and Confused...I can't afford to take all of them home, though I wish so :-)

I love the Mzansi fresh articles, the photo shoots, the typography, the feel of the paper...and sometimes the smell of it. I cry when I have to let one of them go.

I'm proud to say that I have in my treasure, a full collection of the now defunct True Love Babe magazine...it was a really good magazine, with potential for greater things - I could really relate to it, cover-to-cover anyway...life happened to it, we'll leave that for another day.

I got my GAGA May issue of ELLE last night, the past 2 issues have been really great, much closer to home. The Alek Wek collectors issue may have been one of their best. I don't know why but they just make me pleasantly emotional...I think I'm falling in love again.


From StyleContext to Dilo - Work in Progress

I'm in the process of re-inventing my blog...after a very long absence. I also have decided to change the name from Style Context to Dilo, which means things or stuff in Tswana. I'm not Twsana but I like the word. My definition of dilo is gonna be very broad and not as shallow as it may seem. I get inspired by alot things, people and places...I'm gonna share those things with all willing to listen and I hope they will in turn get inspired. I also do recognise that at the end of the day, life is bigger than things ...way bigger ...it's up to each individual to decide what it is.

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