Desert Storm

In January I'll be taking a trip to Swakopmund in Namibia. I'm looking forward to it, heard that it was very beautiful, its a desert meets the sea type of town, its where the German settled in this country, so its still has some of the old amazing architecture. Well, tabloid readers will know it as the town where Brangelina decided to give birth to the famous Shiloh.
I've been thinking about what to wear in this type of town, days are hot, nights can be chilly, cant go all Caribbean in the middle of the desert even though its a sea town, I'm looking forward to how I'm gonna handle this challenge.
Either way, I won't let fashion get into my way with desert fun. love.
Photo by Nathan Dixey


Pre- Fall Oscar De LaRenta

Oscar's collection is the best one so far, he deserves his own post...
I really loved the looks. I could wear his clothes anytime...

Pre What???

I've been checking out style.com and I noticed that a couple of designers are showing their Pre-Fall collections.
Honestly! I don't know what the significance of this collection is. I thought I knew all the seasons; Spring, Fall, Couture.
That was until I was introduced to Resort a couple of years ago, and now comes along Pre-Fall.
I keep telling myself that maybe it's Fall's answer to Resort which usually has a host of very summery clothes. 
Will a fashionista out there please school me on this one?
Dont get me wrong, I am not complaining...Why would I?
The more clothes the better...So bring it on.
Above are some of my favourite looks so far...
Photos courtesy of style.com



7 men were arrested for those infamous London fashion buglaries. I hope they catch the South African fashion thief too.


Crimes of Fashion

On Monday, my lovely brown jacket which kept me warm last winter went missing; it was stolen while I hung it to dry on the building's communal washing line.
I don't get it; I don't understand why anyone would do that.
This reminds me of an article I read on the newspaper sometime in November about how  South African designer, Peter Saldos was robbed of 28 irreplaceable gowns that are to be worn in the upcoming Miss S.A. Pageant on December 8. Nothing else was stolen except for the gowns, so who ever were doing this, knew exactly what he was doing.
In September, Christopher Kane's collection was also stolen a few days or weeks before he had to show, Terrible! They could have destroyed his career...such people should be wiped out from the face of the earth, I mean it.
Photos: Christopher Kane (style.com)


Mobile Blogging

testing testing! I'm posting from my cellphone. Hope this works.


Tailored Thai-love...

Thailand Streets
A couple of years ago, I visited Bangkok, I had lots of fun, the were markets all over where you could find lovely jewellery, bought myself some and some clothes, the Thai Baht is a very friendly currency and it goes along way.
What was notable about it though was the string of great tailors on Khao San Street, which charged reasonably for their services, and you did'nt have to wait more than a few days to get whatever item you ordered.  You could order when you get there and by the time you leave, you item would be ready.  I wish us something like that around Pretoria - a walk-in tailor who would charge you fairly, do a great job, and won't make you wait for 2 weeks. I wish every place I visited had something like that; Paris, London, New York, Milan…mmhhhh, lovely. Maybe we could get some couture pieces made for us while we wait. Love


SA Fashion Awards - The designers, a view from the 3rd row

Black Coffee (winners)
Colleen Eitzen
David Tlale
Malcom of Malcom KLUK CGDT
Nkensani of Stoned Cherrie

Dion Chang - fashionista at large, trend analyst
These are some of the photo's from my camera...you can play spot-the-designer, I was seated on the 3rd row, so you know how it is...too many heads peaking out on every photo.
Abit amatuerish, but hey! thats the beauty of blogging, you can post it as you see it...enjoy. love


South African Fashion Awards - Photos

Black Coffee
Black Coffee
Black Coffee
Black Coffee
Colleen Eitzen
Colleen Eitzen
This are some of  runway photos of awards show that was staged on Saturday, I had lotsa fun,seeing the clothes...the fashionistas, fashion's royalty.
Black Coffee walked away with coveted prize and John Sithole won the TLBabe Young Designers Competition.
The after-party at Moloko was great, mix and mingle, was name of the game. Great night. I'll post more pics as I receive them. Love. 


Working my way to the CenterFold

My photo appears in the ellereportback of the November issue of ELLE, a few months back, my letter was published in the ellemail section.
If you notice, these sections on furthest ends of the mag, ellemail, at the front and ellereportback, at the back.
the way i see it if i can move inwards from both ends, i'll end end up appearing in the center, now that where i wanna be...


Go FCUK Yourself

I went to Stuttafords (Dept Store) this weekend and checked out their French Connection corner, I must say, I found myself excited, it was so good to see that label again, its one of the labels which I have missed since I got back to S.A.
A part of me asked myself  " what about the local fashion industry" what does all this mean for them? Cause from what I hear, they are bringing GAP and the likes to S.A. which may pose some competition to the locals. Truth be told, I saw a lovely and good quality pair of pants for R700, which was more affordable than some of the locally made pants of the same quality. So im in a dilemna, i wanna support my peeps, they make great clothes but I cant afford them. I'm not talk about the chain/department stores or those shipped in masses from China, I'm talking of Black Coffee and the likes...mmmhhhh...I dont know...wouldnt mind seeing Topshop and Zara on our shores though...something has to be done. Maybe I should just earn more and be Proudly South African...




Fashion Portal

September is basically international S/S fashion week month, last week was New York, this week its London, Paris and Milan are next. This is a very exciting time for me. I basically stayed glued to style.com and elle.com for the latest views and news on the runway collections. I wish I could be there on front row, to see the clothes up-close, to see the textures, the colours and the shimmers.
Another interesting aspect of the week is the style of all the fashionistas attending the shows; you see all sorts and all types of the interpretations of clothes. It just doesn't get better than that...you know, it all starts on streets.
South Africa has just wrapped up their fashion weeks; we have a couple (it's not in my place to get into the politics, I just love the clothes), I wish we had intensive coverage though, where we could see the photos and get more info on the collections and show.
Sanlam promised us a fashion portal ( http://www.sanlam.co.za/eng/aboutus/sponsorships/fashion/business+boost+for+fashion.htm ); I really hope it comes through.
They released a SA Fashion Week neat booklet with the show schedules and designers info on last month's SA ELLE, that was really cool.
http://www.women24.com/ does give some coverage but its never as intensive, but its really appreciated, we at least get some teasers of the clothes.



Congrats Tiaan for winning the ELLE New Talent competition, you deserve it and you were my favourite.
I found out that he worked Marion and Lindie, love their clothes so much...maybe he's one of the reasons why I do.
That's a photo I took of his exhibition booth at the ELLE New Talent exhibition which was held at Gallery MOMO.

Jackie B

Jackie Burger from Elle
A few weeks ago, K a good friend of mine was busy covering Spring Joburg fashion week and it reminded of my 1st fashion week show ever.
Earlier this year she hooked me up with a ticket to the most coveted Autumn/Winter Joburg fashion week finale Gavin Rajah show. It was a great experience, seeing SA the clothes,fashionistas, models and celebs was exciting.
I took only one photo, one of my fav mag editor, Jackie Burger of ELLE, she was sitting infront of me I could'nt resist taking a photo of her, there is just something captivating about her... here she's pictured with Chris Viljoen, current ELLE's fashion director.
I first saw her a couple of years ago on online reviews of a Black Coffee runway show and I've been hooked since, i'ts either her or its what she puts in the mag, I dont know...I'll figure it out.


Photo Job

:-) it works, cool. now lets see if i can add a pic as well.


hey, i know that i have'nt been updating this as much as would want to...dont wanna mention excuses
but i will try to update as much as i can. for now, im just getting used to all the blog features, this is one
test runs for the mail to post feature, hope it works.


Letter to all Stylistas


There are many definitions of style. For me, style means a way of life, one which you choose to live your life, nobody can dictate to you what style is or means, but some may agree with your definition of style. And so here it is this my definition, my view, my Context of Style.