Freedom Day 2012

They sacrificed their lives and time with their loved ones, so I could be free. I'm thankful. Without God, it was not going to be possible. Let us continue fight to free our minds and fight for economic equality. The struggle continues ...Happy Freedom Day


Basic Shapes for Basic Education

I noticed that the windows at the Department of Basic Education Head Office in Pretoria, were in basic shapes. I think its fun, and my son will probably think so too, once he starts pre-primary and sees the dept. that is in charge of his school.

I often imagine myself pushing giant blocks through the windows as if the building were a giant shapes puzzle.
Next to the building, and also part of the campus is what I call the gingerbread house.

I remember that for a long time it lay abandoned, until the DoBE restored it and build huge offices next to it.
I often dreamed of buying it and turning it into a coffee-food-books & magazines-antique furniture-vintage & once-off fashion & jewelry pieces-live music performance space shop.

It wasn't for sale and I probably wouldn't have afforded it. I still have the dream though... but it'll have to be for a different house, since this one is taken.


Coachella 2012 : Favourite Look

Chanel Iman looked great at Coachella 2010, of course she's a super model and can afford to walk around in under wear, she actually gets paid millions to do so.

Maybe before I had my son, or maybe if was I still single, I would have given this look a shot - but - I'm a married African woman and we don't walk around in public dressed only in lingerie.

I'm totally cool with that, imagine meeting one of my husband's cousins dressed in this outfit, that would be really awkward.

She looked hot though, I'm sure Tupac thought so too.

Photo: style.com


Fish Scale Dress by Suzaan Heyns

Made from one of my favorite materials, leather. Suzaan's fish scale dress whose dreamy gold version, was a finalist at Design Indaba as one the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa for 2012, is truly beautiful.

PS: I'm also loving Milli's dark lip.

Photos by AFF


Ballet Flats for All Seasons

Every mom and feet-respecting fashionista should have a collection of ballet flats. They can make any outfit effortlessly chic without loosing the comfort needed for running around with/after a tiny tot or for running some mommy errands.

Ok! I'm starting to sound like these are exclusively for mommies, they are for everyone. I started wearing these before my boy was even dreamed of.

Photo from J.CREW


Bayete Air Max!

This is how a Nike Air Max 90 should be rocked in Africa. I love this look.