Mustard Seed

I am really feeling Mustard. I was crazy about it once when I was 13, I think falling in love with it again. I think I'll have a mustard winter. I love it best when paired with Navy.

Photo by Vionnet


From the side of the road...

This beautifully made grass mat was bought on the N2 between Pongola and St Lucia, KZN, the photo doesn't really do it justice, it looks much better in real life. The fresh smell of grass and the texture, the hand-dyed colours are really pleasing to the eye. There is a group of old women are always sitting by the side of road, making and selling them...along with fruits and wooden sculptures. They come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, this particular one was R350. They would look good in any room. I wish I had taken their number, if you are ever driving down there, make a stop, you wont regret it.


Embracing the 70's

This cut has always been my favorite cut. For the longest time all one could find at shops was skinnies, I love them but I'm really glad that the 70's are back again. I bought these jeans a few years ago, I'm hoping to get more in a darker shades.

Outfit :
Jeans - LTD

Vest - Mr Price

Brooch - Hello Fox


Weighing my options

I bought this food scale almost 2 years ago... with the intention to learn how to and bake Dee's delicious mini-cupcakes...

OK, OK... I admit! That was the excuse I gave myself, even though I REALLY love Dee's mini-cupcakes, this scale was bought mainly for its charm, I thought that the orange would look good on my kitchen top and also the fact that once I go antique shopping, I really cant stop.

Now that I am married, maybe I'll be inspired to channel the my inner domestic goddess... but first, I'll have to practice thinking in lbs instead of kg's :-)


Welcome to Venezia

Yep, I would like to hear someone say that to me. And yes, I watched The Tourist last week... I watch anything with Johhny Depp, Angelina was a lovely bonus. It was a cool movie, quite thrilling more than anything, I loved the sights of Venice.
It ignited my interest in sinking city, the majestic architecture and all that water... man! it must be amazing to experience it. I'm also wonder how the city's natives live... I've always imagined Venice to be crazy expensive, packed with rich pensioners and tourists.
In every city I travel to, I always try to go a place where I'll experience the place rather than just the tourist attractions.
I'll just have to finding affordable ways of visiting the place, I've added it to the bucket list.

Photo by WPS


When Agriculture becomes Urban culture

Farming is the only 'job' that innately makes sense to me, maybe its because I grew up in the township and romanticized life in the country side.
Maybe all those movies and books, that are set in countryside got the best of me but I hope its not because of the latest (but very necessary) trend of living green.

What honestly believe though is that, if we had more farmers, especially, subsistence farmers, the world would be a better place... food would be cheaper and maybe, just maybe there would be less disease and hopefully less crime.

Living in city is not an excuse anymore, this lady is doing it from the roof top.

Photos by The Selby



A blouse featured on this post by the lovely Miss Moss, reminded me of my last day at university, the day after graduation when I went back to give my Mama a tour of the campus.
The blouse looked similar to the one I wore on that beautiful day... I somehow decided to give it to my sister... I think I might have been a bit too generous ;-)

Photos by dilo & miss moss.


The Ninja and his beloved Geisha

I searched all the way to middle-earth for cake toppers that were fun and would reflect our personalities and I was pretty excited and knew I had found exactly what I was looking for when I saw this pretty kawaai Kimmi Doll and Ninja Warrior.

They reminded me of my hubby's infectious laughter whenever he watches Samurai Jack and, the fact that at the time, I was obsessed over Nicki Minaj's Your Love video, made it so easy for me to fall in love with them.

I wasn't sure whether they would work on the actual cake. But seeing them on top of our wedding cake made us burst out with laughter. That was the objective, to have fun...

For a moment, I was his Geisha and he - my courageous Ninja :-)


2011 - Happy New Year

2010 has been the best year of my life. It started off by witnessing the majestic Victoria Falls after a lovely road-trip from PTA through Zimbabwe to Livingstone. The World Cup was awesome, the dilo revamp was motivating, and the cherry on top - getting married to my soul mate... what more could I ask for :-)

I pray 2011 will bring more of what 2010 brought, more Love and Happy-ness. I hope to realise all that my dreams (I've got lots of those) and I wish everybody the same... a prosperous 2011.

Art by Pei-San Ng