I was introduced to Moneoa through Shugasmaxx's Take it Easy video, I found her looks fresh and her voice sweet, I took note of her name and hoped that I would hear more from this lady.
A few months later I found myself turning up the volume on the radio and eventually singing along to a jam titled Isbhanxa, only to find out it was her single.
In my efforts to gather more info about who she is, I reached out to my bff and well respected arts journalist Kgomotso Moncho and this is what she found out about this beautiful and talented songstress:

So what's in a name? Moneoa sounds exotic. Is there a meaning to it?
-» lol...It means 'Given' in Sotho

Where in Durban did you grow up?
-» Near downtown… a small flat in Berea called Bryanston Heights

What is your earliest musical memory?
-» Wow, I'd be lying if I told you I remembered... lol

How do you think where you grew up shaped the music you make today?
-» Well I grew up in a student area. So people would play loud music all the time, taxi's going past blasting the volume on max, not to mention that there were parties everywhere.. so I guess I could say hearing it that much did have some sort of influence but I owe most of my influence to my mom and uncles. They introduced me to jazz, soul, African and all sorts of music. I got to know, understand The Greatest artists of all time through them.

What else influences your music?
-» My experiences, my aspirations, my Mom, God.

What's your personal style?
-» Definitely retro...and a bit of that Marilyn Monroe type of look.

How does your personal style feed into your music or vice versa?
-» Not always, during a performance I always try to make what I'm wearing work well with the type of song I'm doing and of course when attending events I have to represent my music so my look is sexy yet sophisticated. However on a typical day I'm young and retro. My music is waaay more matured.


Salvaged Materials - Notice Board

Rustic Notice Board

This notice board is outside my favorite art supplies shop, Archineers in Pretoria. It looks like a piece of art made from salvaged wood with all sorts of old bolts and screws delicately welded on it.
I can only imagine how much fun making it must have been to make. I took welding classes as a student and it was fun to melt all that metal together, I made desk lamp. I wonder where it is, I should look for it and sell it... lol

In retrospect, it was'nt of great design but it functioned and I enjoyed making it :-) 


Mid-Century Dining

Mid-Century Dining Chairs

Modern Chair Upholstery Fabric

Danish Dining Chair

I bought these vintage Danish dining chairs at Bernadi Auctioneers for R100 each!!! At the time of purchase, they were just wooden frames, so I took them to Corner Lounge to be upholstered. 

The workmanship was of great quality and the labour was very affordable but I chose a slightly pricey U&G fabric which drove the overall cost up a little to just about R490 for each chair. I think it’s a good deal for a lovely pair of real wood mid-century modern chairs.

Looking at the photos, I now realize that the colors I chose for my fabric complement the colors of my kilim rug, which I also love very much. I have a love for oriental carpets but that's a story for another day.

I am really crazy about 1950's furniture, I don’t know where it all started, but I think it became official after the old sales guy at Bernadi’s noted that I kept asking for prices on furniture from that era. He jokingly asked why I am obsessed with furniture from a time when I or even my parents were not born yet. I quipped back and said I’m older than I look.

I don’t know exactly what inspired my obsession all I know is that design from that time is nostalgic to me; the lines are often clean and simple yet warm and organic, never overwhelming. It’s vintage without looking old. I could live with the furniture for years to come, take it with me to the future without growing tired of it. Maybe that is why I have subconsciously started to build a collection. 


Well Suited for the Occasion

I  always look forward to seeing the Menswear Shows, not only for feasting my eyes to all that mens tailoring but to also see the women who are attending the shows, dressed in men's inspired styles.

 I love the suits worn by these ladies, the 
colors and style are feminine yet not too girly.


Little Black Jacket : Chanel & Carine

These are 3 of my favorite photos from The Little Black Jacket: Chanel's Classic Revisited exhibition and book. Very Regal.

Photos by Chanel


African Beauty of the Day

My hard disk if full of photos downloaded from the internet, which I found beautiful and inspiring. I came across this lovely African maiden as I was looking to see which photos can I delete to create space, I couldn't find any.

Well it seems I am not the only one who has the hoarding habit or else Pinterest would be in existence. What is cool about it, is the fact that you can save all these photos and not worry about space and you can easily credit the originator of the photograph... I don't have credits for this photo *hiding* and I find that to be the ultimate sin in blogger world. Please forgive me.

I've had my Pinterest account for a while now but only to view all the lovely pins by the creatives out there, I guess will be pinning soon and wont be committing any more blogger crimes.


Salvaged Materials - Door Shutters

wooden shutter doors

I have always had a love for old and salvaged things, I enjoy renewing them and giving them a new lease on life.
This office is close to my sons' day care center, it inspires me with its use of salvaged wood and metal. I wouldn't be surprised if these beautiful and strong shutter doors turned out to be older than the house itself. They look like they are made of old rail road ties, like they have been beaten by the elements but still managed to survive.

Rustic Wood Doors

The complementary post box also looks stylishly unique, it was probably made of the left over wood from the door. You see, I can formulate all sorts of stories about such items :-) that's the romance of antiques, the story-making.

 wood mailbox

Although upcycling is no new concept, I find it amazing every time I see it in play. It is a "green" practice, which is great for saving our environment . Hopefully this saved an Amazon tree from being turned into a shutter door... I don't think so but, I can only hope and plead for humanity to  Save the Rain Forest and while at it, please Save the Rhino.


Africa Day.

Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa.

Happy Africa Day Everybody. Hope it renewed your love for our continent.


My son at 7 months... going on 1.5 year

Denim Jeans and Boat Shoes: WoolworthsTop: Pep, Socks: Pick'nPayCellular Blanket: BabiesRus, Bear: Mr Price Home 

My beautiful boy is growing up so quickly. Though he is 7 months, I buy him a size 12-18 months, the fit is looser, more comfortable and doesn't ride up when I am carrying him like baby clothes often do, besides he'll grow into them, he literally sprouts up every other week.

I remember being annoyed at my mother for buying us clothes and sometimes shoes that were one size bigger, saying "uzokhula nazo" (you'll grow into them) . She was right, before I knew it, the shoes would be snug and soon I'd need another pair. I would wear the thick socks so the loose shoes would fit. Though it was sometimes uncomfortable running around in them, I ain't mad at cha, Dear Mama, I understand your reasoning (and have been listening to Tupac). Kids grown up so quickly, you'll buy clothes every other week - if you are not careful.

Because Mama knows best, I will also follow her wisdom. In the meantime, Ngoma will just have turn his extra long sleeves up, just like daddy (and Nick Wooster), after all, it is masculine and stylish ;-)

Lesson Learned & Parenting Tip: Buy your babies one size bigger on clothes but I would'nt advise the same on shoes.


Otelo Burning - Invokes Emotion.

I watched Otelo Burning a few days ago. I must say, this must be one of South Africa's best movie offering's which I've seen in a while. Maybe its because it is in Zulu, my home language, set in time and place that I know very well and a political situation that I lived through.

There was one scene where a mob first came on to the scene, that literally sent shivers of fear down my spine. The sea and its sounds, invoked the feeling that I always get when I'm swimming in it, joy. The young lovers, especially when she tells him to wait... lol... I did a lot of that... reminded me of my innocence. The friendships, being my brother's keeper... I can relate.

It was beautiful to watch, they got the era right, the music and costumes were spot on, I've always been a sucker for a well implemented period movie.

I hope everyone gets to see this movie, especially young South Africans.

Poster by oteloburning.com


Freedom Day 2012

They sacrificed their lives and time with their loved ones, so I could be free. I'm thankful. Without God, it was not going to be possible. Let us continue fight to free our minds and fight for economic equality. The struggle continues ...Happy Freedom Day


Basic Shapes for Basic Education

I noticed that the windows at the Department of Basic Education Head Office in Pretoria, were in basic shapes. I think its fun, and my son will probably think so too, once he starts pre-primary and sees the dept. that is in charge of his school.

I often imagine myself pushing giant blocks through the windows as if the building were a giant shapes puzzle.
Next to the building, and also part of the campus is what I call the gingerbread house.

I remember that for a long time it lay abandoned, until the DoBE restored it and build huge offices next to it.
I often dreamed of buying it and turning it into a coffee-food-books & magazines-antique furniture-vintage & once-off fashion & jewelry pieces-live music performance space shop.

It wasn't for sale and I probably wouldn't have afforded it. I still have the dream though... but it'll have to be for a different house, since this one is taken.


Coachella 2012 : Favourite Look

Chanel Iman looked great at Coachella 2010, of course she's a super model and can afford to walk around in under wear, she actually gets paid millions to do so.

Maybe before I had my son, or maybe if was I still single, I would have given this look a shot - but - I'm a married African woman and we don't walk around in public dressed only in lingerie.

I'm totally cool with that, imagine meeting one of my husband's cousins dressed in this outfit, that would be really awkward.

She looked hot though, I'm sure Tupac thought so too.

Photo: style.com


Fish Scale Dress by Suzaan Heyns

Made from one of my favorite materials, leather. Suzaan's fish scale dress whose dreamy gold version, was a finalist at Design Indaba as one the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa for 2012, is truly beautiful.

PS: I'm also loving Milli's dark lip.

Photos by AFF


Ballet Flats for All Seasons

Every mom and feet-respecting fashionista should have a collection of ballet flats. They can make any outfit effortlessly chic without loosing the comfort needed for running around with/after a tiny tot or for running some mommy errands.

Ok! I'm starting to sound like these are exclusively for mommies, they are for everyone. I started wearing these before my boy was even dreamed of.

Photo from J.CREW


Bayete Air Max!

This is how a Nike Air Max 90 should be rocked in Africa. I love this look.


Suzaan Heyns x PPC Cement

Blog-sphere is buzzing with excitement over the Suzaan Heyns x PPC Cement collaboration to be shown at SA Fashion Week 2012.

I love concrete counter tops and wouldn't mind screed flooring in my bathrooms, especially if it came with the all important under floor heating.
That said, I can't help but wonder how will she give cement a fashion twist. Will she cover fabric in a thin layer of cement or make concrete jewelry pieces. Will she make beads to add onto some of her garments or use it as boning for corsets?

How heavy will the clothes be? I guess we'll have wait and see.

Photo by Nicole van Heerden


Frugal Living - Factory Outlet Shopping

Lately, like most South Africans, I have been feeling a pinch in my pocket. No matter how much I try to cut back on those take-away lattes, the bank balance seems to hang on by a thread every month-end.
With the rise in petrol prices and the cost of stuff in general, relief is nowhere in sight. I have now decided to do my best to live frugally or at least cut back on some things so I can afford what really matters to me.

Factory outlet shopping is one of the ways I'm planning to go about doing this. It makes sense now, more than ever.

What I like about factory outlets is that they sell authentic local and international brands. The prices are reduced because the clothing items were either overstocked by retailers, or they had some defects and not because they are fake. I can handle a missing button but I don’t think I can handle an extra 'd' to my adidas... addidas? Really...?

This past weekend, I bought my son two Obaibi and one H&M long sleeved t-shirts, in preparation of the cold winter days ahead, I got all 3 for R80 from Meltz.

I also bought myself a few items and joined the loyalty programme, I guess I'm gonna be a regular :-)


Font Love #1

I have a love for words... and a love for typography was a natural progression. I can't help but notice the beautiful fonts around me, they each have character and such personality. From time to time, I will share this beauties with you, hopefully they will inspire you as much as they do me.


My Beautiful Song

Meet my son, Ngoma. He is my love, my joy, my light - the one who keeps me awake at night... lol... I love him.


Flower Bomb

This bouquet was one of the most favourite things about my wedding. It lifts my spirits up every time I look at it's photo.

It was created by Wilhelm. The brief was simple, I told him that it must be organic, raw, nothing fragile and must have my favourite flower, the pink protea - it is a strong yet beautiful flower - like me and... its very South African :-) He was able to give me exactly what I wanted... and more, he gave me pincushions...

He is just amazing. If you want a flower arrangement that has personality, call him up on 0835424491, you wont be disappointed. Click here to view his refreshing succulent creation.


2012 : Happy New Year Everybody

2011 was really good to me, it was filled with love, joy, peace, happiness and all things warm and fuzzy. It was undoubtedly, the best year of my life. I married the love of my life, became pregnant, bought a house, adopted 2 adorable puppies and gave birth to a sweet and baby boy, in that order :-)

I was busy living life and I enjoyed every single moment of it... morning sickness included :-) through it all, reading (and writing) blogs became abit of a mission and I feel like, and probably have missed out on a lot. Now that I have settled into my new and fabulouss life, I'm back, I hope not to leave again.

Blogsphere, please welcome me back. Its a new year, a chance at new beginnings, lets make 2012 a good year.