When South Africa hosted the Red Bull X-Fighters

Last weekend, I attended the Red Bull X-Fighters finals at the Union Buildings. All I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the crowd was alive and involved; the FMX tricks electrifying and the African red soil was all over my face.

Adrenalin filled my entire body, the whole time! I felt like a little kid again :)

Some of these tricks were down right scary!

Seeing references to our South African culture in the competition from the Ndebele print that resonated throughout the stadium to the Zulu shield inspired trophy and crown that was handed out to the champions, filled me with pride. 

Best of all, my babies had lots of fun in the dust... and that's all that matters.

Thank you Mandela.


Red Bull X Fighters welcome to Pretoria

Ever since I heard about the Red Bull X Fighters coming to my neighbourhood Pretoria, I've been excited and anxious to see it happen. For weeks, seeing the trucks and  the cranes coming in with that African red soil, transforming my beloved Union Buildings gardens to a world class freestyle motor cross track was just amazing to watch. So today, I went to check out the calm before Saturday's storm, it was beautiful. I looked through the fence and zoomed in as much as I could, I managed to spot a FMX biker doing some tricks, when I asked around I was told that it was Drake McElroy.I stood there, in awe, I just can't wait to the riders, can't wait to see it all. Good luck to my home boy, Nick De Wit.


Oxblood and Turquoise

Although the scuba/neoprene material was in trend a few seasons ago, I personally, have only recently fallen in love with it. Bought this oxblood dress by chance at Makro and it has now become my favorite item for this winter. 

Oxblood and Turquoise

It keeps me warm, feels good on the skin and it hugs me at all the right places - I love it.

Easy to maintain, doesn't attract a lot of lint or crease at all, I find that I often have to stop myself from buying all clothing items I come across which are made from the same material.

A few days ago, I paired it with thrifted turquoise court heels, and the look was a hit at the office.