Sitting on Vinyl

I bought this chair at the now defunct Timeless Junxion (miss them) for R100 in 2007.
I have been meaning to RE - Vamp it for sometime time now.
It's been 3 years...procrastination! I'm not even sure if I want still want it in a "hot pink" damask :-)
Skinny la Minx's Orla collabo with Saks Corner has brought my attention back to my treasured retro vinyl chair.
I'm excited about it, all over again... all I need now is the perfect fabric and skilled craftsmanship.

Photo by Thando



I missed Mili's 1st Pulchritude instalment due to a surprise trip home to KZN. I will surely check this one out.

Image from Miss Milli World


Summoning Summer!

The winter isn't officially over but that sharp chill that comes with it, is slowly disappearing and summer is slowly trickling back in, I feel it in the air.
I enjoyed winter, loved the layers of clothing, even though alot of them don't fit me anymore because of the heart warming food :-) the daily dose of french toast and golden syrup was/is the best, addictive ...I've got no regrets, it was good.
But ya, gym begins today, I need to get back into that bikini.

Photos by Lwando for Dilo


Brandy Alexander is great company.

He and Fiest kept me company tonight, while I was hard at work, honestly earning my salary.


L&L : Love and Lwando

When I said "YES" and decided to tell the world how happy I was... I searched relentlessly for a pic that would express how much love I felt inside and when I couldn't find one, I settled for just words.
This morning, as I was looking through old pics, I found this one... it's PERFECT :-)

Photo by Thando


Hannah Montana has Street Cred

I caught Lwando dancing and singing Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA song …and he would sing louder on the "and the Jay-Z song was on" part... lol
We couldn't help but laugh out loud when we both realised that he was basically dancing and singing along to Hannah Montana...
It was too funny to see a grown-a$$ man singing along to the cutesy song...
He would loose alot of street cred, if he sang this one in front of "ama-Gents" aka "the Lads"...
But hopefully, like me - well... after laughing at him - they will understand that it is, after all, a catchy melody, it has Jay-Z's name in it and I guess that gives the song a little street cred ...NOT! ...lol


My heart's desire : NIKON D3000

This is the cure to my blogger's block... somebody PLEASE! Save me... the Lomo family needs me...

Photos by Nikon SA


on HEAVY rotation : Drake - Thank me Later

...it moves from the house radio to the car stereo and back to the house again ...good music!


Dee's Boots from the Noord

Dee is the latest lady-friend to get her Boots from the Noord... I swear these boots are addictive, she's been wearing them daily since she got them and I have been literally living in mine :-)

Photo by dilo


Yes - 7/7/2010

YES! was the magic word this morning when Lwando proposed... I'm the happy-iest lady alive right now... I love him and he loves me...