Pretty Pregnant - Denim on Denim

Maternity Denim Shirt
Shirt - Edgars (belongs to my husband) , Denim - Truworths (gifted), Vest - Pick n Pay

There came a point in my late pregnancy where I became confused about what to wear and I really didn't feel like going out to buy a clothing item that I will wear only for a few months.

One morning, I decided to look to into my husbands closet and I found some cool shirts that got me through. This denim shirt belongs to him and it was my favourite because it was versatile. I could wear it everywhere with everything.

# Maternity Tip 10 : Take a look at your husbands closet and the mens' department at your clothing shop. You might find something that you really like.

The utility shirt below belongs to me. I bought at the men's department at Woolworths. I've had for both pregnancies. Its actually one of my favourite items in my wardrobe.
Maternity Utility Shirt
Shirt - Woolworths, Jeggings - Ackermans, Vest - Makro

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Pretty Pregnant - Nude Sheer Dress

Dress - CoCo @ Zoot, Shoes - Carvela

 I wore this dress throughout my pregnancy, it was and still is one of may favourite. I bought it as a wedding outfit, it also worked well at the office.


Pretty Pregnant - Vintage Dress

Vintage Maternity Tea dress
Dress - Hospice (thrifted), Jeans - Truworths (gifted)

I love vintage clothes with all my heart. Imagine my excitement when I saw this dress. Waiting to give birth so I could wear it was just not an option.

To wear it as a maternity dress, I decided to wear it as tunic, followed Maternity Tip #7 and paired it with my versatile wide legged jeans.

The result was this stylish outfit. It was fun to be able to wear vintage whilst pregnant.

#Maternity Tip 9 : Wear Vintage.

Vintage Sundress
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Pretty Pregnant - Peplum Skirt

Maternity Peplum
Top - Meltz, Skirt - Makro, Shoes - Boot Sale, Sunnies - ELLE
When pregnant, contrary to popular belief, you actually don't lose your waist, you gain an extra one. You get one above the tummy and below the tummy, read on and I'll tell you how.

Peplum was big when I was pregnant, I liked it and wanted to give it a try. I was able to be a part of the trend because I experimented with my waistlines. The skirt that I'm wearing above is a "normal-sized" skirt in stretchy material, I was able to wear it because I placed it above my tummy.

Believe or not, this was the morning of the birth of my daughter, my stomach was really huge, however I was able to wear this skirt. The peplum and the fact that the skirt is black gave an illusion of slimmer tummy. I still have skirt, I'm hoping wear it on my normal waist, now that I've given birth.

#Maternity Tip 7 : Experiment with "both" your waistlines. Some garments work better or only if placed above the tummy and some if placed below.

#Maternity Tip 8 : Give a trend that you like a try. You don't have to miss out just because you are pregnant, find a way to make it your own.

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Ring by Mr Price

PS: I really like the texture of the skirt, just had to show it to ya'll.


Pretty Pregnant - Summer Shorts

Maternity Shorts
Shorts by Woolworths, Shirt and Vest by Pick n Pay, Wegdes by Zoom

My first pregnancy was during winter, it was pleasant. I was warm in layers of clothing and the general increase in body heat when pregnant was an added bonus.

The height of my second pregnancy was in summer, I felt the heat, all 30+ degrees Celsius of it; the increase in body heat was not so helpful this time around. What was fun about it though, is that I got to play around with summer maternity wear.

When the temperatures shot up, I decided to get myself a few pairs of shorts to keep me cool.

In this outfit, I’m wearing a pair of shorts in a loose and comfortable material – and the print is awesome …love it! Even after the birth of my child, they still fit me like a charm; I should be able to rock them again next summer, can't wait.

#Maternity Tip 5 : When it’s hot, don’t be afraid to try on a pair of shorts, just find the right pair for you.

#Maternity Tip 6 : Buy yourself vests in every colour possible, they are great for mixing and matching.

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Pretty Pregnant - Kaftan Top

Maternity Kaftan Top
Kaftan Top by Meltz, Wide Legged Jeans by Truworths (gifted by a friend)

When the heaviness of pregnancy took over, the blogging suffered. Before I took the break, I was doing a series of tips on how to be pretty while pregnant.

Looking back, dressing my bump this time around was lots of fun - so - even though I’ve given birth, I'd like continue where I had left off and share what I've learned about maternity wear.

#Maternity Tip 3: Get your recently pregnant friends to hand you down some of their clothes.

The maternity wide-legged jeans, which I'm wearing here, were handed down to me by a kind friend after her pregnancy. I kept them and wore them for both pregnancies. They are comfortable, versatile and also very stylish.

These jeans have now 3 babies on them, maybe I should pass them on and officially make them the travelling pants of babies :-)

 #Maternity Tip 4: Get yourself a sexy Kaftan Top

I wore the jeans with a kaftan top, another great maternity basic clothing item. I like it because it can be worn throughout the 9 months of pregnancy and also long after giving birth, with jeans or over your bikini at the beach as a cover-up.

I have worn mine a couple time since giving birth, mainly to hide my post-baby bump ;-)