Pretty Pregnant - Summer Shorts

Maternity Shorts
Shorts by Woolworths, Shirt and Vest by Pick n Pay, Wegdes by Zoom

My first pregnancy was during winter, it was pleasant. I was warm in layers of clothing and the general increase in body heat when pregnant was an added bonus.

The height of my second pregnancy was in summer, I felt the heat, all 30+ degrees Celsius of it; the increase in body heat was not so helpful this time around. What was fun about it though, is that I got to play around with summer maternity wear.

When the temperatures shot up, I decided to get myself a few pairs of shorts to keep me cool.

In this outfit, I’m wearing a pair of shorts in a loose and comfortable material – and the print is awesome …love it! Even after the birth of my child, they still fit me like a charm; I should be able to rock them again next summer, can't wait.

#Maternity Tip 5 : When it’s hot, don’t be afraid to try on a pair of shorts, just find the right pair for you.

#Maternity Tip 6 : Buy yourself vests in every colour possible, they are great for mixing and matching.

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