Blk Jks pronounced Black Jacks

Blk Jks is on tonight, 27-05-2010 at Tings'nTimes, Pretoria. I love the band, the music is transcending, the spot is perfect... what more can I ask for?

Photo from CCA


FFF - Friday Football Fever

I took this photo at the opening match of the Confed Cup last year... it was one of my most proudest moments ever. It'll stay in my memory for a very long time.
If you didn't manage to get tickets for the World Cup, you can enjoy the spirit that will come with the beautiful game... by going to any of the Official FIFA Fan Parks around the country. Go on show your support.

Photo by Thando


Back to the Red-Stone Age

My love took me on a relaxing, semi-romantic walk at lunch time :-) Armed with a camera, desperate for some beauty, I noticed this beautiful building - which I have passed on numerous occasions but just never took note off. It's the Tshwane Tourist Information Center, every one who will be in Pretoria, especially for the 2010 FIFA World Cup should take a mental photo of this building, they might find themselves making a trip there for one thing or another. A lot of the buildings around it are magnificently made of beautiful stone but its red-stone really stood out to me.

Photo by Thando


Pulchritude is Milisuthando latest project, a sale where South African designers can show case their clothes for us to indulge on... this is gonna be the first of many.
Unfortunately, I wont make it due to a family commitment which I wouldn't miss for the world... a designer sale is not considered an excuse in this case ...lol ...but maybe in the future it will have to be ;-)
Have fun everybody...Good luck Milli.

Photo by missmilliworld



Kene's Boots from the Noord

Kgomotso aka Kene, didn't waste time after reading the Noord post. Over the weekend, she went to the Noord and came back with this stylish pair of leather boots... they were only 50 bucks.
After seeing similar boots on this Mr Price Blog post, I just had to share this photo of her newly acquired boots, which she MMS'd in excitement :-)

Photo by Kgomotso

Jazzy Li-bel

A friend from out of town was in Pretoria for some personal business, presenting us an opportunity for a way long overdue catch-up session. The warm winter sun was up and Li-bel in Sunnyside was the perfect spot to absorb it all... before it sets off again :-)
It's one of the best eateries in Pta, the menu is lovely and changes constantly - I find it new every time I'm over there. The live jazz show was oh so beautiful.
Head over there, the friendly owners are always welcoming.

Photos by Thando


Still in Love...

I saw one in the streets yesterday at lunch time, woke up this morning still thinking about it. I think I fell in love, all over again ...sigh ...I'd bundu-bash the whole of Africa in this.

Photo by Land Rover

Tartan Grey

It's winter time and layering is essential. I love how Kgomotso is pulling her outfit off. Every layer has style, function and is on trend. Love it.

Photo by Thando


Sorbet Heaven

I was having hard time choosing my favourite look from the Chanel Spring-2011 Resort Show. I eventually chose this one, especially the top. I would wear it all summer long.

Photo by style.com


Web of Lights

Saw this at Tribeca Coffee Co. in Brooklyn, Pretoria...very chic yet looks easy to install. It would be a cool DIY project.

Photo by Thando


to Have and to Hold

Thulie also introduced me to the Hospice Charity Shop in Pretoria. The ancestors must be with me... this grey, genuine leather clutch bag was only R15. It reminds me of a grey clutch I saw at Country Road, just as beautiful but with a 99% discount on the price and a bit of a distressed look... I ain't complaining :-) At this rate, I think I'm gonna be a regular - besides, all proceeds go towards charity.

Photo by Thando


Boots from the Noord

This past weekend, my good friend Thulie introduced me to a vintage/2nd hand clothes and accessories market in Noord Taxi Rank, Joburg. It was a mine of bargains, you can basically find everything there, from dresses to coats to bags and shoes. I bought myself this edgy pair of genuine leather boots for a mere R150. One would probably pay ALOT for these at the mall... I enjoyed the vibe. The energy was just out of this world, overwhelming. If you get a chance, check it out, carry some cash - you wont regret it.

Photos by Aradhna for dilo


It's a BLUE day...CHELSEA!!!

Introducing S'qalo - the youngest Chelsea fan I've met, in the arms of his proud father.
S'qalo is probably out partying tonite, to celebrate us winning the championship...AKULALWA!!!
Yes, we start them young, he'll grow up well - supporting the right team, CHELSEA CHELSEA!!!


Africa in Paris

I really liked the African feel at designer Phillipe Starck's Paris home, featured on The Selby.
The Hermes Birkin inspired bags and that collection of colourful blazers are just awesome.
Africa offers alot to the design world, we just need to recognise that and allow ourselves as Africans to be inspired by our land.

Photos by The Selby


Adieu Summer!

Today, I officially bid summer a farewell, it wasn't really that cold in comparison to the rainy days we've had over the past week...but it was chilly, the type of chill you only get in winter.
So ya... Goodbye Summer and ice-cream, it was good while it lasted...now the layering starts :-)

Photo by Thando


Pop Antique Bottles

This collection of bottles got me asking myself alot of questions, like - What could have been in those bottles? Who used it up? What for? How long ago? The last question was... What would I use them for? They were just so beautiful...I eventually decided that, for starters, I would just look at them and appreciate their beauty.

Photo by Thando


Victorian Mansion

I'm hoping to visit Melrose House on just a regular day to experience its beautiful architecture. It really looked cool outside, made me wanna see the inside, apparently its furnished with Victorian furniture. Just had a thought, its huge lawn would make a great wedding venue ;-)

Photo by Thando


In all (Antique) Fair-ness

I went to Melrose House over the weekend for the antique fair, it was great...it was lovely seeing the regulars and meeting new people who also share a love for antiques.
I didn't buy anything, I couldn't afford the one item that I fell in love with, I'm looking forward to the next fair, hopefully the hot red pedestal will still be around, if not - I'm sure there'll be another item that I'll fall in love with... there always is :-)

Photo by Thando