Suzaan Heyns x PPC Cement

Blog-sphere is buzzing with excitement over the Suzaan Heyns x PPC Cement collaboration to be shown at SA Fashion Week 2012.

I love concrete counter tops and wouldn't mind screed flooring in my bathrooms, especially if it came with the all important under floor heating.
That said, I can't help but wonder how will she give cement a fashion twist. Will she cover fabric in a thin layer of cement or make concrete jewelry pieces. Will she make beads to add onto some of her garments or use it as boning for corsets?

How heavy will the clothes be? I guess we'll have wait and see.

Photo by Nicole van Heerden


Frugal Living - Factory Outlet Shopping

Lately, like most South Africans, I have been feeling a pinch in my pocket. No matter how much I try to cut back on those take-away lattes, the bank balance seems to hang on by a thread every month-end.
With the rise in petrol prices and the cost of stuff in general, relief is nowhere in sight. I have now decided to do my best to live frugally or at least cut back on some things so I can afford what really matters to me.

Factory outlet shopping is one of the ways I'm planning to go about doing this. It makes sense now, more than ever.

What I like about factory outlets is that they sell authentic local and international brands. The prices are reduced because the clothing items were either overstocked by retailers, or they had some defects and not because they are fake. I can handle a missing button but I don’t think I can handle an extra 'd' to my adidas... addidas? Really...?

This past weekend, I bought my son two Obaibi and one H&M long sleeved t-shirts, in preparation of the cold winter days ahead, I got all 3 for R80 from Meltz.

I also bought myself a few items and joined the loyalty programme, I guess I'm gonna be a regular :-)


Font Love #1

I have a love for words... and a love for typography was a natural progression. I can't help but notice the beautiful fonts around me, they each have character and such personality. From time to time, I will share this beauties with you, hopefully they will inspire you as much as they do me.


My Beautiful Song

Meet my son, Ngoma. He is my love, my joy, my light - the one who keeps me awake at night... lol... I love him.