2012 : Happy New Year Everybody

2011 was really good to me, it was filled with love, joy, peace, happiness and all things warm and fuzzy. It was undoubtedly, the best year of my life. I married the love of my life, became pregnant, bought a house, adopted 2 adorable puppies and gave birth to a sweet and baby boy, in that order :-)

I was busy living life and I enjoyed every single moment of it... morning sickness included :-) through it all, reading (and writing) blogs became abit of a mission and I feel like, and probably have missed out on a lot. Now that I have settled into my new and fabulouss life, I'm back, I hope not to leave again.

Blogsphere, please welcome me back. Its a new year, a chance at new beginnings, lets make 2012 a good year.