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September is basically international S/S fashion week month, last week was New York, this week its London, Paris and Milan are next. This is a very exciting time for me. I basically stayed glued to style.com and elle.com for the latest views and news on the runway collections. I wish I could be there on front row, to see the clothes up-close, to see the textures, the colours and the shimmers.
Another interesting aspect of the week is the style of all the fashionistas attending the shows; you see all sorts and all types of the interpretations of clothes. It just doesn't get better than that...you know, it all starts on streets.
South Africa has just wrapped up their fashion weeks; we have a couple (it's not in my place to get into the politics, I just love the clothes), I wish we had intensive coverage though, where we could see the photos and get more info on the collections and show.
Sanlam promised us a fashion portal ( http://www.sanlam.co.za/eng/aboutus/sponsorships/fashion/business+boost+for+fashion.htm ); I really hope it comes through.
They released a SA Fashion Week neat booklet with the show schedules and designers info on last month's SA ELLE, that was really cool.
http://www.women24.com/ does give some coverage but its never as intensive, but its really appreciated, we at least get some teasers of the clothes.



Congrats Tiaan for winning the ELLE New Talent competition, you deserve it and you were my favourite.
I found out that he worked Marion and Lindie, love their clothes so much...maybe he's one of the reasons why I do.
That's a photo I took of his exhibition booth at the ELLE New Talent exhibition which was held at Gallery MOMO.

Jackie B

Jackie Burger from Elle
A few weeks ago, K a good friend of mine was busy covering Spring Joburg fashion week and it reminded of my 1st fashion week show ever.
Earlier this year she hooked me up with a ticket to the most coveted Autumn/Winter Joburg fashion week finale Gavin Rajah show. It was a great experience, seeing SA the clothes,fashionistas, models and celebs was exciting.
I took only one photo, one of my fav mag editor, Jackie Burger of ELLE, she was sitting infront of me I could'nt resist taking a photo of her, there is just something captivating about her... here she's pictured with Chris Viljoen, current ELLE's fashion director.
I first saw her a couple of years ago on online reviews of a Black Coffee runway show and I've been hooked since, i'ts either her or its what she puts in the mag, I dont know...I'll figure it out.


Photo Job

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