Jackie B

Jackie Burger from Elle
A few weeks ago, K a good friend of mine was busy covering Spring Joburg fashion week and it reminded of my 1st fashion week show ever.
Earlier this year she hooked me up with a ticket to the most coveted Autumn/Winter Joburg fashion week finale Gavin Rajah show. It was a great experience, seeing SA the clothes,fashionistas, models and celebs was exciting.
I took only one photo, one of my fav mag editor, Jackie Burger of ELLE, she was sitting infront of me I could'nt resist taking a photo of her, there is just something captivating about her... here she's pictured with Chris Viljoen, current ELLE's fashion director.
I first saw her a couple of years ago on online reviews of a Black Coffee runway show and I've been hooked since, i'ts either her or its what she puts in the mag, I dont know...I'll figure it out.

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