It's official: Rose Gold Rocks!

I am obsessed with rose gold and I don't know where this obsession originated from, even iPhones are getting blinged out in rose gold.
All I know though is that there is a Fossil watch made of rose gold and I want it...BADLY!


Balenciaga goes from the Runway to the Streets

Spotted at London Fashion Week, is this great street execution of a runway garment. When I first saw this Balenciaga jacket on the 2008 Spring show, I thought to myself...lovely! But how on earth would one wear this beautiful yet very structured item without looking like they just fell of the runway? This person did it very well and they wore it in such a casual manner...I like it.

Photos by style.com and TOPSHOP


Sophie Theallet proves that black is still in vogue

Back to the race old debate and NYWeek (everyone is in London Week now), I was happy to see that using an all black model cast didn't end with July's Black Issue of Italian Vogue; Sophie Theallet had a cast of only black models for her entire Spring 2009 NY show which included runway regulars like Atong Arjok and Hollis Wakeema. I would have also loved to see Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn included in the line up.

At first I thought it was a gimmick but then I realised that gimmick or not, it was good. This dispelled the myth that black girls, don't look good on or that they "don't sell" runway clothes. According to style.com, Sophie Theallet says the only reason she used the girls, was that she thought the colours would "look amazing on dark skin", they indeed looked lovely.

I wish all designers would cast on those basis of who flatters the garment or if the model is a professional. I don't want to see an all-black or an all-white show, let it be on what's looks great on the clothes, fashion should always be the winner.

Photo courtesy of style.com


Lewis Hamilton is coming to SA....in 2011

I read on this week's Sunday Times that "SA is in line to host a F1 Grand Prix in 2011" and the F1 boss, Ecclestone has "agreed in principle to race in SA". I hope this is true, the F1 is one of the most glamorous sporting events, I've ever been to.

In 2005, I attended the Malaysian Grand Prix, Alonso won that memorable race, it was an amazing experience, the sound of the car engines, the beautiful people from all over the world, even the cars that belonged to the fans were a marvel to watch.
As matter of fact, I met a couple of South Africans who were proudly flying our flag, their aim was to promote SA as potential F1 host, I guess they have succeeded

The mood in the city was one full of excitement, it was just out of this world. I really wish the same for our country.

Photo courtesy of channel4.com


New York - Spring 2009

I'm attending NY fashion week, through style.com of course, their daily updates are amazing...I'm loving the collections.
What I love the most is the fact that I can see whats coming up next summer and wear it this summer i.e. I can look for similar styles and wear them in December 2008 instead of December 2009...that's one way we can cheat the northern hemisphere, that way we become ahead of them, in terms of wearing the "trends".


Fashion Exhibition - SA Fashion Week, August 2008

Last weekend, I checked out the fashion exhibition that was running in conjunction to all the runway shows during SA fashion week, I hope they keep doing it.

The designers could show and sell their wares directly to the public. For only R60, we could touch and feel the collection soon after it gets of the runway.  I think this is a great initiative by the sponsors to get the fashion directly from the designer to the consumers. I certainly enjoyed touching Anisa Mpungwe's winning collection, and those silky frocks from Abigail Betz were heavenly, to mention just a few. Seeing all the clothes up-close and personal was great.

I loved the sneakers from Creative Recreation crew; they should consider putting the metallic hi-tops on sale too.
PS: The complimentary belt that came with the ticket purchase was pretty cool...now I just have to find a way to wear it; my bf is already wearing his.