Marike LeRoux

She is home-grown and u-fresh-e... just noticed that she walked on a few NYFW shows last week... hoping to see more her... for the rest of the season and the coming ones... Always rooting for a fellow South African.

Photo : Style.com


Did she perhaps just find out that her son shares a name with a certain African president... mmhhh...I wonder, which came first? The naming of child or her knowledge of the president... not that its important... but her latest SS2011 collection is. It will give African fabrics an exposure that will reach probably millions that it have not otherwise reached... it'll give it some rock-star credibility... which I hope will translate into exposure for all the African Mamas and designers, who have been for years, making traditional attire from the back rooms of their houses.


Flower Power

The wedding preparations - particularly, the search for inspiration for my wedding bouquet, has re-introduced me to the power of flowers. There is so much beauty and variety to these living creatures - they have an ability to transform any space to paradise... well, even though it is only for a moment.
I came across these flowers on my way to lunch-date with a friend... I could'nt help but buy them on the spot, it was R10 well spent. I got back home and putting them into a small ceramic milk jug (the last piece of a tea set) that I inherited from mommy dearest, seemed like it was the best thing to do.
I must say - I'm proud of my 1st "flower arrangement"... do we have an ward winning florist in the making?... mmhm... maybe ...lol

Photo by Thando


The 3rd installment - P-P-P-Pulchritude

She is doing it again, do check it out... I wont be there, I'll be at the Wedding Expo, the wedding preparations seem to have taken over... I admit dilo is a lil neglected...but I'll be back.