Report Back - DOPE Clearance Sale

I missed the sale but I received these photos from King, it seems there was alot of cool stuff... I'll definitely attend the next one...
Someone was having fun at the Clearance Sale... doing the 1 Dress - 2 Looks exercise... they did a job at it :-)

Photos by Urban Mosadi via King



Kgosi, an old buddy from varsity is having a clearance sale for his DOPE fashion label at a tattoo studio... you can shop and get inked at the same place...It promises to be alot of fun, check it out, he carries good stuff.

For more info. visit www.rage.co.za


Report Back - Pulchritude

I checked out Pulchritude II last Saturday... is really worth a visit.
I picked up two Hello Fox brooches. I love them, can't wait to wear them.
I saw a cool SODA dress with the coolest ribbons as belts. I think it would make the chic-est maternity dress... I know that sounds weird... but I will be a mom sooner-or-later...
I'm getting married and I want a family of my own... besides the biological clock is not necessarily on my side... lol... I also think that buying the dress might be a bit forward... I don't know - I'm thinking about it ;-)

Photo by Thando for dilo


Plastic in Wood

Speaking of chairs... I'd love to eventually own this 2008 Maarten Baas re-interpretation of the common plastic "monobloc" chair in my favourite material, wood.
Growing up, my mother owned a set in white plastic, complete with the table and the big umbrella, tacky I know ...lol... but those summer memories, spent sitting on them, chatting away with her... are the sweetest :-)

Photo from Chair Blog