Super-sized clutches... Its' 2010 and I'm still into them...

Courtesy of Tommy Ton


Still Feeling It

Losing sucks!!! Whether its a loved one or a soccer match but I'm still feeling it, the feeling most definitely has'nt left me yet. Mzansi hosting the FIFA 2010 World Cup is bigger than Bafana-Bafana or the African teams losing (though I'd love it of we won).
Seeing all those international fans still makes my heart tick, and reminds me that those LOC guys, did a great job at organising everything and it also makes feel better about all the taxes I pay... lol
I'm a soccer fan and having a daily dose of the best live soccer is just a dream.
Our team takes the field today, let's give them all the support we have...and pray they make to the next stage.


Young and Free

I saw this bag on Jak&Jil and remembered how it looks like the school bags (obhakha) my uncles carried in high school. Probably the kids in 1976 were carrying them too, when they took to the streets... fighting for their right to a good education. What they started benefited me too - personally, if it wasn't for education, I'd probably be - mmmhhhk! - don't even wanna think about it, I'm just grateful for their contribution.
The 2010 World Cup project 1GOAL, works to provide quality education for all ...lets support them.


We are the Rainbow Nation

I've always loved the colourful Ndebele blanket... but seeing the African mamas dancing in them, doing their twirls at FIFA 2010 World Cup Opening Ceremony escalated my love for the blanket to a higher level. It was such a beautiful sight... one that will probably last a lifetime in my memory. I think that's what I will get myself as a FIFA 2010 souvenir.

Photo from Global Times


Palazzo, Palais, Palace

Could palazzo pants or uphalaza, as we used to call way back in the township, be making a come-back... I remember having a black and white striped pair... they would now probably fit me like boot-cut pants... lol
I noticed that a number of Resort 2011 collections feature a pair or 3... and it also seems they have also reached the high-street shops like Topshop...
If they were to catch-on, with the ripple effect of fashion, they would eventually reach our streets.

Photos by Rachel Roy and Thakoon @ style.com


In between soccer games...

Take a lil' break from the vuvuzelas and visit Angie, Milli and Amy at Wolves for some tea, cupcakes and Mzansi fashion...


Happy World Cup Everybody!!!

I've been waiting for this day since for ever ...I used the World Cup as an excuse to all my friends when I left Malaysia ...I'd say "See you again in South Africa at the World Cup", well the day has finally arrived. I wont be seeing my friends but I'm happy that the day is here.
I enjoyed watching the FIFA Kick-off Celebrations, the music and atmosphere was just off the hook ...Tutu's speech was gave me the goose bumps, to see such an old man - becoming child-like, intoxicated by happy-ness ...I've never been so proud of my country. Can't wait for the opening ceremony and the rest of the month.

Photo by Siya a friend of dilo


Blow your VUVUZELA

I had so much fun yesterday at noon. It was just a sign of the fun that's gonna come for the rest of the month...I've been waiting for this moment for sometime...


She loves Me...

This is my younger sister Nkosi, this weekend she showed me - once again - how much she loves me. I love her dearly. I took this photo as she left to write an exam, looking like that - she probably aced it :-)


Feel it, It is here.

I saw this very patriotic house yesterday, while I was on my way to KZN. It was soccer fever at its best. I also loved the creative and colourful designs which were painted on the other houses of this humble homestead. The scenery evoked emotions in me...

Photo by dilo


Jumping for Joy

I couldn't help but jump for joy when Aradhna snapped what was supposed a simple photo to be entered for this competition... (I must win that camera) Maybe I was inspired to give jumping a try by this article or perhaps it was the lame Mama joke that Aradhna told yesterday... it went like this : "your MAMA so fat, that when she jumped for joy...she got stuck!" ...lol ...so lame!
Maybe I just have alot to be happy about :-)

Photo by Aradhna Krishna for dilo


Style Crush : Pholoso Selebogo

I have a huge style crush on Pholoso Selebogo, met her at Joburg Fashion Week earlier this year, after seeing her last year on Style Clicker and numerous style blogs... she has an edgy-eclectic sense of style and a great personality. She was also kind enough to give me a tip on how she achieves her perfect red lip ;-)
She is a South African stylist based Antwerp, Belgium. I noticed that whenever I googled her, Antwerp Academy trained designer Bruno Pieters' name comes up. It turns out that she styled his Spring-Summer 2010 campaign, using top Dutch model Iekeliene Stange as a canvas.
She told me that she was in town scouting for designers for Not Just a Label, which showcases avant-garde fashion designers. I read that some of their designers have dressed the ultra avant-garde Lady Gaga on numerous occasions. Pholoso is just one of those people I find inspiring.

Photo by Pholoso the stylist