Palazzo, Palais, Palace

Could palazzo pants or uphalaza, as we used to call way back in the township, be making a come-back... I remember having a black and white striped pair... they would now probably fit me like boot-cut pants... lol
I noticed that a number of Resort 2011 collections feature a pair or 3... and it also seems they have also reached the high-street shops like Topshop...
If they were to catch-on, with the ripple effect of fashion, they would eventually reach our streets.

Photos by Rachel Roy and Thakoon @ style.com


  1. Hmmm, I think I'd undulge in this trend just because they are sooo comfy.

  2. Very comfy...you'd pull them off :-)

  3. Not for the bootie and hips gifted!

  4. true that...they'd look like a wide legged-bootcut pants...worse if you're short...
    If you're tall n skinny...this one's for you...

  5. Luckily Anthea has the bod...I've recently bootyfied...lol

  6. I'm short and I have bootie and hips...believe me!

    I'll find a way to pull these off though. Even if I just wear it to my living room to watch TV series!