Still Feeling It

Losing sucks!!! Whether its a loved one or a soccer match but I'm still feeling it, the feeling most definitely has'nt left me yet. Mzansi hosting the FIFA 2010 World Cup is bigger than Bafana-Bafana or the African teams losing (though I'd love it of we won).
Seeing all those international fans still makes my heart tick, and reminds me that those LOC guys, did a great job at organising everything and it also makes feel better about all the taxes I pay... lol
I'm a soccer fan and having a daily dose of the best live soccer is just a dream.
Our team takes the field today, let's give them all the support we have...and pray they make to the next stage.

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  1. Good luck Bafana...now to see if I can sneak away from work...hehe(evil laugh)