Style Crush : Pholoso Selebogo

I have a huge style crush on Pholoso Selebogo, met her at Joburg Fashion Week earlier this year, after seeing her last year on Style Clicker and numerous style blogs... she has an edgy-eclectic sense of style and a great personality. She was also kind enough to give me a tip on how she achieves her perfect red lip ;-)
She is a South African stylist based Antwerp, Belgium. I noticed that whenever I googled her, Antwerp Academy trained designer Bruno Pieters' name comes up. It turns out that she styled his Spring-Summer 2010 campaign, using top Dutch model Iekeliene Stange as a canvas.
She told me that she was in town scouting for designers for Not Just a Label, which showcases avant-garde fashion designers. I read that some of their designers have dressed the ultra avant-garde Lady Gaga on numerous occasions. Pholoso is just one of those people I find inspiring.

Photo by Pholoso the stylist


  1. Amazing picture--and love your blog (and links! more awesome South African style; so good to see).

  2. Thanks alot Michelle.

  3. Anonymous7/6/10 15:54

    but she HATES Lady Gaga, and thinks Gaga is a Horrible Disgrace.

  4. Anonymous7/6/10 16:26

    love the picture
    but it is not from her, it is from antwerp-based photographer frederik heyman-
    great work he does

  5. her work is fabulous...really!!