Pretty Pregnant - Kaftan Top

Maternity Kaftan Top
Kaftan Top by Meltz, Wide Legged Jeans by Truworths (gifted by a friend)

When the heaviness of pregnancy took over, the blogging suffered. Before I took the break, I was doing a series of tips on how to be pretty while pregnant.

Looking back, dressing my bump this time around was lots of fun - so - even though I’ve given birth, I'd like continue where I had left off and share what I've learned about maternity wear.

#Maternity Tip 3: Get your recently pregnant friends to hand you down some of their clothes.

The maternity wide-legged jeans, which I'm wearing here, were handed down to me by a kind friend after her pregnancy. I kept them and wore them for both pregnancies. They are comfortable, versatile and also very stylish.

These jeans have now 3 babies on them, maybe I should pass them on and officially make them the travelling pants of babies :-)

 #Maternity Tip 4: Get yourself a sexy Kaftan Top

I wore the jeans with a kaftan top, another great maternity basic clothing item. I like it because it can be worn throughout the 9 months of pregnancy and also long after giving birth, with jeans or over your bikini at the beach as a cover-up.

I have worn mine a couple time since giving birth, mainly to hide my post-baby bump ;-)


  1. Nangamso7/5/13 09:09

    Useful tips :) I love the Kaftan top idea...Keep them coming.

  2. Hey there, I sure will. Who knows you might need them soon ;-)