Summoning Summer!

The winter isn't officially over but that sharp chill that comes with it, is slowly disappearing and summer is slowly trickling back in, I feel it in the air.
I enjoyed winter, loved the layers of clothing, even though alot of them don't fit me anymore because of the heart warming food :-) the daily dose of french toast and golden syrup was/is the best, addictive ...I've got no regrets, it was good.
But ya, gym begins today, I need to get back into that bikini.

Photos by Lwando for Dilo


  1. Stunning pic Thando! I can also feel Summer coming back. We had great weather in CT this weekend.

  2. Thanks Anthea... your wedding outfit on www.embracingstyle.co.za was so romantic, that for a second, I thought that maybe winter can stay a little longer...
    But I guess seasons change, and we should get ready to embrace summer too :-)