I was introduced to Moneoa through Shugasmaxx's Take it Easy video, I found her looks fresh and her voice sweet, I took note of her name and hoped that I would hear more from this lady.
A few months later I found myself turning up the volume on the radio and eventually singing along to a jam titled Isbhanxa, only to find out it was her single.
In my efforts to gather more info about who she is, I reached out to my bff and well respected arts journalist Kgomotso Moncho and this is what she found out about this beautiful and talented songstress:

So what's in a name? Moneoa sounds exotic. Is there a meaning to it?
-» lol...It means 'Given' in Sotho

Where in Durban did you grow up?
-» Near downtown… a small flat in Berea called Bryanston Heights

What is your earliest musical memory?
-» Wow, I'd be lying if I told you I remembered... lol

How do you think where you grew up shaped the music you make today?
-» Well I grew up in a student area. So people would play loud music all the time, taxi's going past blasting the volume on max, not to mention that there were parties everywhere.. so I guess I could say hearing it that much did have some sort of influence but I owe most of my influence to my mom and uncles. They introduced me to jazz, soul, African and all sorts of music. I got to know, understand The Greatest artists of all time through them.

What else influences your music?
-» My experiences, my aspirations, my Mom, God.

What's your personal style?
-» Definitely retro...and a bit of that Marilyn Monroe type of look.

How does your personal style feed into your music or vice versa?
-» Not always, during a performance I always try to make what I'm wearing work well with the type of song I'm doing and of course when attending events I have to represent my music so my look is sexy yet sophisticated. However on a typical day I'm young and retro. My music is waaay more matured.

What do you like about your music?
-» That it’s honest, different and good quality music.

What sort of place does your songwriting come from?
-» A very genuine place. I am my realest when I write. I tap into the peak of myself, open my heart, mind and sense of humour and I just let it all out onto paper.

What does your album Coming From Going To represent for you?
-» My journey and what's yet to come. Coming from a lot and having all that taken way and thereafter, somewhat stumbling through my life and then finding my true destiny and through that stumbling and eventually finally finding and understanding myself. Then looking forward to the fact that my past WILL NOT determine my future.

Who did you work with in your album?
-» Vusi Ndlovu from Odeum Productions, an absolute talent and he's worked with a lot of The SA Legends as well, BeatMaker and Dan Joffe from King & I, also two highly renowned talented producers, Gordo Cartel and ShagTheGorrila their talent is making a huge wave in the Hip Hop music scene right now.

What contribution do you wish to make to the SA music industry?
-» I want to be the first South African singer in a long time that makes a highly relevant mark in The International music scene. By that I mean I don't just want to be nominated for a Grammy etc. but instead I want to win so many that people all over the world will start listening to South African and African music the same way they listen to American music.

Anything else you'd like to add?
6 August. Just keep that date in mind* lol

I get the feeling that she has a sweet soul and she's gonna do big things in the industry but in the meantime, I'll wait for August the 6th.


  1. Been away for a while and now I'm back.. good to catch up on all your news. We've been watching the Olympics here in Oz and staying cosy too! From what I remember Winter in SA can get pretty darn cold. Hope you're staying warm too :-) xx

  2. She's gorgeous and i'm loving her polka dot skirt. your blog is very nice xx

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  3. Thando, her single "more than you".....can't find it......

  4. Hey HRH, thanks for the stop over... About the single maybe you can tweet her @moneoa and she'll male a plan.