2013 - On To The Next One

This photo and the word, "content" are the perfect ways to describe my 2012. My year was wonderful, for the first time in my life... I did not lack, I was at a state of peace and happiness.  I'm not saying that I had it all or that all was perfect but, where things didn't go my way, I accepted the situation gracefully and just moved on.

My highlights, other than just being alive, were:
  • Raising my son (pictured above), he turned one in September, I loved it all, the day to day stuff, I wouldn't have done it without my husband, daily breast milk pumping sessions at work included!
  • Getting a new and exciting job, it was about time, I was stuck in a rut, it injected some needed motivation.
  • Last but definitely not least, discovering that we have another bundle of joy coming our way.

The lows, like I said, there's nothing significant:
  • I hated it when my son was hospitalised for chest infections in the winter... he was admitted 3 times... that sucked.
  • Family and friends did not get to see much of me, though it was not intentional, I feel guilty about it.
  • I regret staying away from the blog, but I don't feel guilty, motherhood and pregnancy can be demanding. My new job came with more money money, yay, but unfortunately it also came with more hours, nay.

Well, that was last year... now... on to the next one, 2013. I'm mostly looking forward to meeting our new family member...and indulging in all that she will bring. I'm still excited about my job, and I will make an effort to connect with friends and family a bit more. Ok ok ok, I promise to throw in a post or two here once in a while :-)

Happy New Year Everybody!


  1. Congratulations on the new bungle on its way! You are blessed to have this sweet-looking one too. Happy new year!

  2. Thank you and Happy New Year to you too Nomali, May all your dreams come true this year.

  3. Happiest of New Years to you lovely lady and CONGRATULATIONS on the up and coming arrival! Juggling family and creative stuff is always a challenge so you are completely forgiven for putting loved ones first... it's as it should be ♥♥♥ Here's to a cracking 2013!!

  4. Happy New Year to you too Angy... Enjoyed the summer holidays?