Living House

I have always wondered what happens to living walls during winter? Do they follow the seasons and wilt the in winter or do they stay evergreen, do they need watering and fertilizer?

This is one of my favorite houses around my hood, its red brick walls are drenched with a carpet of greenery. I took these photos in the height of summer, I'll come back in winter to see if there are any changes.


  1. I have never thought about it before...

    So abt ur question abt customs on my blog: you'll pay 40% of the garment price plus 22% of vat. For example of buy R100 worth of clothes, you'll end up paying 100+ 40+ 22= 162

    Hope that answers your question.

  2. It answers my question clearly, thanks a lot. I'll give ASOS a try sometime. They have some cool stuff.

  3. I love these walls. when we lived in Jo-burg we had ivy growing up one side of our house and I can remember it did "die back" a little in the hot Summer months. We had a garden hand though so it's possible it might have needed some extra watering. In the Uk it rains so much it's not necessary to do any watering! ♥♥♥