Salvaged Materials - Window Frames

Salvaged Window Frames
Generally South Africans put up a lot of walls and fences around their houses, even though these are beneficial in making us feel a little safe, sometimes they hide the beauty of one's house and be quite depressing.

These salvaged windows frames transformed what would have been a simple unattractive fence to one that has a little bit of character. 


  1. This is quite lovely. Cool frames.

  2. I like it. Very creative!

    Can you suggest a few places around Pretoria where one can get a few vintage items for cheap? I see most vintage shops can be expensive.

  3. Vintage furniture is always about finding that bargain, there are a lot of places and antique fairs that you can check out, I'll compile a list for you but pawn shops tend to be on the cheap side.

    As for clothes, I find that Hospice has the cheapest vintage clothes, also Noord in Jozi.

  4. Ok will try out pawn shops. Thanks for the info.