Salvaged Materials - Notice Board

Rustic Notice Board

This notice board is outside my favorite art supplies shop, Archineers in Pretoria. It looks like a piece of art made from salvaged wood with all sorts of old bolts and screws delicately welded on it.
I can only imagine how much fun making it must have been to make. I took welding classes as a student and it was fun to melt all that metal together, I made desk lamp. I wonder where it is, I should look for it and sell it... lol

In retrospect, it was'nt of great design but it functioned and I enjoyed making it :-) 


  1. Felice giornata a te...ciao

  2. That is a great board, wonderful textureI also used to weld- mostly sculpture and nothing functional. It's been a long time- I think I'd need a refresher :)

    xo Lilly

  3. It seems that you are a multi-talented lady. I saw the wooden "bench for a pair" that you made, lovely design. Maybe you should consider accepting orders for it :-)

  4. It's a beautiful piece of art to be used as a notice board-the things you notice make me appreciate your taste more.