Mid-Century Dining

Mid-Century Dining Chairs

Modern Chair Upholstery Fabric

Danish Dining Chair

I bought these vintage Danish dining chairs at Bernadi Auctioneers for R100 each!!! At the time of purchase, they were just wooden frames, so I took them to Corner Lounge to be upholstered. 

The workmanship was of great quality and the labour was very affordable but I chose a slightly pricey U&G fabric which drove the overall cost up a little to just about R490 for each chair. I think it’s a good deal for a lovely pair of real wood mid-century modern chairs.

Looking at the photos, I now realize that the colors I chose for my fabric complement the colors of my kilim rug, which I also love very much. I have a love for oriental carpets but that's a story for another day.

I am really crazy about 1950's furniture, I don’t know where it all started, but I think it became official after the old sales guy at Bernadi’s noted that I kept asking for prices on furniture from that era. He jokingly asked why I am obsessed with furniture from a time when I or even my parents were not born yet. I quipped back and said I’m older than I look.

I don’t know exactly what inspired my obsession all I know is that design from that time is nostalgic to me; the lines are often clean and simple yet warm and organic, never overwhelming. It’s vintage without looking old. I could live with the furniture for years to come, take it with me to the future without growing tired of it. Maybe that is why I have subconsciously started to build a collection. 


  1. Am totally in love with your blog!Thank you so much for showing your appreciation for mine-I will be an advent follower!

  2. Thanks a lot for the love. Keep doing those group shoots, I really enjoyed them.

  3. Whoa! Great find, and I love the fabric you chose! New to your blog and I will definitely be back!

  4. Thank you Lauren, you finding me means me finding you too, I'll surely check your blog out.