Well Suited for the Occasion

I  always look forward to seeing the Menswear Shows, not only for feasting my eyes to all that mens tailoring but to also see the women who are attending the shows, dressed in men's inspired styles.

 I love the suits worn by these ladies, the 
colors and style are feminine yet not too girly.

 The ladies below opted to wear shorts and men's inspired hats. 

Love it.

Photos by Tommy Ton for Style.Com 


  1. now thats a beautiful one. i think s time i get myself a tailored men inspired suit.
    the big question is long or short pants??

  2. I say get both ;-) but starting with a long one would be the best decision.

  3. I told my gran she must make me one....she then tells me that women of today want to be just like men!

  4. lol @ Makhulu's statement. I think we want to be better than men...lol
    She makes suits? That is very cool, I adore tailoring, especially when it looks like it was made on you, the perfect fit.
    If she eventually makes you one, share some photos.