African Beauty of the Day

My hard disk if full of photos downloaded from the internet, which I found beautiful and inspiring. I came across this lovely African maiden as I was looking to see which photos can I delete to create space, I couldn't find any.

Well it seems I am not the only one who has the hoarding habit or else Pinterest would be in existence. What is cool about it, is the fact that you can save all these photos and not worry about space and you can easily credit the originator of the photograph... I don't have credits for this photo *hiding* and I find that to be the ultimate sin in blogger world. Please forgive me.

I've had my Pinterest account for a while now but only to view all the lovely pins by the creatives out there, I guess will be pinning soon and wont be committing any more blogger crimes.


  1. we forgive you for stealing pictures lol!love your blog now following!keep posting


  2. I'm really embarrassed, it should never been done hey... but at least 90% of the pics I upload now are taken by me, if not I credit them.
    Thanks for the encouragement ;-)