Salvaged Materials - Door Shutters

wooden shutter doors

I have always had a love for old and salvaged things, I enjoy renewing them and giving them a new lease on life.
This office is close to my sons' day care center, it inspires me with its use of salvaged wood and metal. I wouldn't be surprised if these beautiful and strong shutter doors turned out to be older than the house itself. They look like they are made of old rail road ties, like they have been beaten by the elements but still managed to survive.

Rustic Wood Doors

The complementary post box also looks stylishly unique, it was probably made of the left over wood from the door. You see, I can formulate all sorts of stories about such items :-) that's the romance of antiques, the story-making.

 wood mailbox

Although upcycling is no new concept, I find it amazing every time I see it in play. It is a "green" practice, which is great for saving our environment . Hopefully this saved an Amazon tree from being turned into a shutter door... I don't think so but, I can only hope and plead for humanity to  Save the Rain Forest and while at it, please Save the Rhino.


  1. Those doors are simply STUNNING!! Right up my alley too... I love what you said about attaching romance to the history of an object... I do that too!
    Are you on Pinterest? I think you would LOVE IT! YOu have to "request an invite" but usually that just takes a day or two. Look for me as Angy Braine - and when you've started I'm sure I'll be checking out your pins!

  2. I have an account but haven't pinned anything yet. I'm still an observer :-) but as soon as I have some pins, I'll let you know. In the mean time , I'll have a peep at yours ;-)