Otelo Burning - Invokes Emotion.

I watched Otelo Burning a few days ago. I must say, this must be one of South Africa's best movie offering's which I've seen in a while. Maybe its because it is in Zulu, my home language, set in time and place that I know very well and a political situation that I lived through.

There was one scene where a mob first came on to the scene, that literally sent shivers of fear down my spine. The sea and its sounds, invoked the feeling that I always get when I'm swimming in it, joy. The young lovers, especially when she tells him to wait... lol... I did a lot of that... reminded me of my innocence. The friendships, being my brother's keeper... I can relate.

It was beautiful to watch, they got the era right, the music and costumes were spot on, I've always been a sucker for a well implemented period movie.

I hope everyone gets to see this movie, especially young South Africans.

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