My son at 7 months... going on 1.5 year

Denim Jeans and Boat Shoes: WoolworthsTop: Pep, Socks: Pick'nPayCellular Blanket: BabiesRus, Bear: Mr Price Home 

My beautiful boy is growing up so quickly. Though he is 7 months, I buy him a size 12-18 months, the fit is looser, more comfortable and doesn't ride up when I am carrying him like baby clothes often do, besides he'll grow into them, he literally sprouts up every other week.

I remember being annoyed at my mother for buying us clothes and sometimes shoes that were one size bigger, saying "uzokhula nazo" (you'll grow into them) . She was right, before I knew it, the shoes would be snug and soon I'd need another pair. I would wear the thick socks so the loose shoes would fit. Though it was sometimes uncomfortable running around in them, I ain't mad at cha, Dear Mama, I understand your reasoning (and have been listening to Tupac). Kids grown up so quickly, you'll buy clothes every other week - if you are not careful.

Because Mama knows best, I will also follow her wisdom. In the meantime, Ngoma will just have turn his extra long sleeves up, just like daddy (and Nick Wooster), after all, it is masculine and stylish ;-)

Lesson Learned & Parenting Tip: Buy your babies one size bigger on clothes but I would'nt advise the same on shoes.


  1. He is sooooo cute! That smile would melt anyone's heart! I know hwat you mean about "kids growing so quickly - mine is only 13 and he's wearing SIZE 14 shoes!! EEEk!

  2. Size 14 at 13...WOW! And he is still growing, they dont slow down until after 16 I hear... He is going to be a big boy it seems.

  3. He is sooooooooooooooo adorable!!!Reminds me of my lil sister-the sight of toddlers gives me this overwhelming feeling of joy and love!You must be enjoying motherhood!

  4. I'm enjoying it a lot. I look forward to going home after work and weekend just to be with him. Its a big responsibility too.