Fish Scale Dress by Suzaan Heyns

Made from one of my favorite materials, leather. Suzaan's fish scale dress whose dreamy gold version, was a finalist at Design Indaba as one the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa for 2012, is truly beautiful.

PS: I'm also loving Milli's dark lip.

Photos by AFF


  1. Hey there! My name is Angy - I live in Australia but I was born In South Africa. Love your blog!

    1. Hi Angy, thanks alot for the love sent my way. Just looked through your blog, I love what I see, very creative and sincere. Looking forward to reading through your archives. Keep in touch, I'll do the same. Where in Aussie are you?

    2. Hey there!
      I live in Perth - on the West Coast (you?) I grew up on the East Rand in a town called Kempton Park - do you know it? I was just in SA for Xmas actually. Even though I love Australia VERY much I must say South African blood runs deep in my veins. Glad we have met through this wonderful world of blogging! Catch ya!

  2. You know we are having a long weekend right this side, Freedom Day & Workers Day? I live in Pretoria (very close to your home town, Kempton Park) but will be going to the coast - Richards Bay... so I'm really looking forward to the break. Have a lovely weekend too.