Basic Shapes for Basic Education

I noticed that the windows at the Department of Basic Education Head Office in Pretoria, were in basic shapes. I think its fun, and my son will probably think so too, once he starts pre-primary and sees the dept. that is in charge of his school.

I often imagine myself pushing giant blocks through the windows as if the building were a giant shapes puzzle.
Next to the building, and also part of the campus is what I call the gingerbread house.

I remember that for a long time it lay abandoned, until the DoBE restored it and build huge offices next to it.
I often dreamed of buying it and turning it into a coffee-food-books & magazines-antique furniture-vintage & once-off fashion & jewelry pieces-live music performance space shop.

It wasn't for sale and I probably wouldn't have afforded it. I still have the dream though... but it'll have to be for a different house, since this one is taken.


  1. The perfect spot for a c/f/b&m-af-v&o/of&jp-l/m - space shop!! :-)
    These places are very much the "in-thing" here in Oz as well. have a great weekend! :-)

  2. It definitely was a perfect. I wont give up the search for another one :-) I'd like to come to the Oz to check the vibe there especially such spots... I wonder if they have a proper name to describe them, c/f/b&m-af-v&o/of&jp-l/m-space shop was good though :-)