Tailored Thai-love...

Thailand Streets
A couple of years ago, I visited Bangkok, I had lots of fun, the were markets all over where you could find lovely jewellery, bought myself some and some clothes, the Thai Baht is a very friendly currency and it goes along way.
What was notable about it though was the string of great tailors on Khao San Street, which charged reasonably for their services, and you did'nt have to wait more than a few days to get whatever item you ordered.  You could order when you get there and by the time you leave, you item would be ready.  I wish us something like that around Pretoria - a walk-in tailor who would charge you fairly, do a great job, and won't make you wait for 2 weeks. I wish every place I visited had something like that; Paris, London, New York, Milan…mmhhhh, lovely. Maybe we could get some couture pieces made for us while we wait. Love

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