Go FCUK Yourself

I went to Stuttafords (Dept Store) this weekend and checked out their French Connection corner, I must say, I found myself excited, it was so good to see that label again, its one of the labels which I have missed since I got back to S.A.
A part of me asked myself  " what about the local fashion industry" what does all this mean for them? Cause from what I hear, they are bringing GAP and the likes to S.A. which may pose some competition to the locals. Truth be told, I saw a lovely and good quality pair of pants for R700, which was more affordable than some of the locally made pants of the same quality. So im in a dilemna, i wanna support my peeps, they make great clothes but I cant afford them. I'm not talk about the chain/department stores or those shipped in masses from China, I'm talking of Black Coffee and the likes...mmmhhhh...I dont know...wouldnt mind seeing Topshop and Zara on our shores though...something has to be done. Maybe I should just earn more and be Proudly South African...



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