Leather Stands the Test Of Time

Every time I travel or at any opportunity I get, I buy a vintage bag...or dive into mommy's collection :-) "i-Pointer le" she would often say - as I admired them, refering to the then prestigoius leather goods brand...God rest her sweet soul.
Got this particular one in Livingstone-Zambia, for an equivalent of R50, which was a bargain for a genuine leather bag...we all know how expensive new leather bags can get, you can expect to pay a minimum of R1000. The belt was a steal from those magnificent Woolies seasonal sales...I love leather and other natural materials, its hard to settle for less...they just get better with time.

Photo by Thando's friend ;-)


  1. You have an elegant and sophisticated taste-I'm stealing some inspiration....

  2. Thanks for the complement and steal it sana, its all good. I get inspired by what is around me all the time.