Fashionable SoundTraxx...

Sound track for the day, The Louis Vuitton Don - Kanye West...he's extremely talented and the fact that he's one of the most fashion conscious of all the rappers, makes it all the better. I love the CD cover collaboration with highly esteemed artist Murakami, remember him from those cute Louis Vuitton Murakami Bags that were such a hit back then.

Speaking of  Louis Vuitton, watched The Darjeeling Unlimited this past weekend - great movie - never seen so much LV Luggage bags in a movie! They had my boyfriend asking where the nearest LV shop was.  And those cute jungle animal prints on those Marc Jacobs for LV bags are heavenly.

As for Marc Jacobs, my adoration for his designs is a topic to be discussed on another day.
Amazon (Kanye West Image)

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