For the love of blogging

Airplane Flying High

It's been over 7 months since I posted, I must admit I missed it, so here I am... back again.

It's funny how, even though I enjoy blogging, the minute my life gets hectic, its one of the first things that I put on the back burner and if one were to look closely, they would notice that all the gaps in my blog occured at a time when I was really busy; planning my wedding, pregnant with and raising my first child and again when I was rearing my second baby.

Yes, its disheartening when the traffic slows down and when it eventually stops, but blogging is way more than just analytics.

Blogging is empowering, it democratisizes knowledge that was previously reserved to an elite few. You learn about things that you would'nt have otherwise been privy to. You learn about what people think, how they live and sometimes what people want you to believe about how they live ;-) it is my personal lesson on Sociocultural Anthropology.

I love blogging, I love reading blogs, I love bloggers too... and so... I will keep coming back.

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